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Released to Dive Again

It has been many, many months since I have been diving. But as of Jan. 12th 2010, I have been released to dive again. History
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Scuba Equipment Wish List

Fins: Mares Raptor Fin (yellow)
Drysuit: DUI CLX450
Computer: Oceanic Pro Plus 2
Octo: Atomic SS1
BCD: Zeagle Ranger LTD
Float: Dive flag and float
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Monastery Deep dive

On Sunday I was to meet Abel and Julie at Monastery North to do a couple of dives. By 7:50am I was calling to get updates as to where my group was and how long it would be before they got to the dive site. Unfortunately for me, I woke Abel up at 7:50am with my phone call. So when Julie showed up, we decided to dive without Abel since it would take him a couple of hours to get down to Carmel. [Read More!]
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Finished my DMC Physical Tests and Equip Exchange

I went to Diver Dan's to finish my underwater equipment exchange, 800 yard snorkel swim and 400 yard freestyle swim. I had already passed the 15 minute tread water with a score of 5 and the tired diver tow with a score of 2. I only needed to get a total of 5 more points in these last two tests to pass.

I was paired up with Eric for the equipment exchange. This went very well for us. We had a well thought out plan and executed it with calm and ease. We exchanged the scuba unit first and then our masks and fins last.

I blazed through the 400 yard swim and passed with 4 points. I didn't struggle with the 800 yard snorkel, but I did go slow and passed with 2 points. Now I only need to fill out the paperwork to be a DM.
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Open Water Class at Breakwater

I spent the weekend with instructors Ron, Harry, Ryan, divemaster Orr and divemaster candidates Eric, Brad and Will getting 7 students trained as open water divers. We did dives 1 and 2 on Saturday and dives 3 and 4 on Sunday. The vis was crap (3-5 feet) and the water was cold (45°F). The air temp was fine 65-70°F. Because we had an odd number of students, I volunteered to be the partner for Kanda. [Read More!]
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Check out my Dive Video from Breakwater

Here is a video shot with Glenn and Abel at Breakwater. After a long bottom swim, we made it out to the Medtridium Field.
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Divemaster Rescue Evaluation

I went to Breakwater over the weekend to help Ron with the Open Water Class and to perform my Rescue Eval. I passed my rescue evaluation so now I am only three items away from my DM!
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Dive at Monastery

Since Abel didn't get to dive Monastery last time (8/5/2007), I thought we should try again. Julie, Abel and I arrived at 9:00am on a beautiful partly cloudy day. The weather was perfect for diving since in or out of the wetsuit the temperature was fine. We were shooting for slack high tide (11:50am) so that the waves and surge should have been minimal. We stepped up onto the dune to set up our equipment and watch the waves. The waves were bigger than expected but still not so big that we would not be able to pass them safely.
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Divemaster Skills Circuit

Over the last three weeks I have been in the pool at Diver Dan's finishing my Divemaster Skills Circuit. The first week (9/10) we (John, Ryan, Orr, Eddie and me) were there to learn the art of "the demonstration". Exagerate all movements to highlight areas that students might miss if not explicitely shown. Go slow and methodically. Look relaxed and at-home underwater. The next week (9/18) we were back to be graded on the Skills Circuit. We made it through about 15 of the 20 skills. Finally, we came back on 9/24 to finish. Each skill is rated from 1 to 5 with 3 defined as the skill was done at a student's level. I passed with a score of 93 out of 100 possible points (minimum score required is 63 with no single score less than 3). [Read More!]
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Dive at Monastery (North side)

Glenn, Abel and I decided to dive Monastery on Sunday (8/5/07). When I arrived, the waves were passable. The waves would have made the entry difficult but not dangerous. By the time Glenn and Abel arrived, the waves had become too big to pass safely. The waves were averaging about 7 feet. We helped a couple of divers crawl out of the water. They spent only 15 minutes underwater before cancelling their dive. They said the surge was making then nauseated. After talking with the divers about their experience underwater I called off the dive and we drove over to Breakwater. At the Breakwater there were lots of classes stirring up the sediment, but diving in silty water is still better than not diving at all.
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Diving at PLSR

I went diving yesterday at Point Lobos State Reserve. There were a few items I need to remember when I go there next.

1) PLSR doesn't open until 9:00am. We arrived at 8:40am and were the fouth in line to get in.

2) Whaler's Cove opens at 20° with a narrow mouth. Return path should stay more easterly lest we wind up on the rocks at the western point.
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Diving 102: California Kelp Diving and the Kelp Crawl


* Knife: Used to cut kelp during entanglement. During a dive, keep the knife in the sheath on the inside of your calf, on a BCD pocket, on the BCD shoulder (small knife), or anywhere it will not get tangled.
* Compass: If you can navigate, you will never need to kelp crawl.
* Snorkle: Use this to conserve air when doing the kelp crawl.
* Dive Light: This is optional, but under the kelp canopy it can be quite dark.
* Fish ID Chart: This is optional, but there are many things to see.
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