Jiu Jitsu Marathon Roll for Lunch

Posted on November 21, 2017 by quashnsa

There were 4 guys in class today with JT as instructor. Mondo [brown belt], Josh [blue belt], Matt? [purple belt], and myself [first stripe white]. It was a free roll at 75% intensity with simulated strikes.

Josh and I rolled quite a bit. At one point, Josh stood up to fight from feet. This worked for me. He tried a deashi harai, but I countered with tsubame gaeshi. That quick takedown is one of my favorites.

Mondo is as big as me with a lot of skill. He had me in full mount, so I applied my hands to his hips, bucked him over my knees into butterfly guard, but he was ready an countered with a nasty choke.

Matt has a lot of skill also, but because he is smaller, pushing his legs out of the way, or shrugging out of a triangle taught me to stay calm and figure out how to extricate myself.

Mondo's advice that helped a lot was to relax in a position, conserve air and energy.

Josh caught me in a Straight Footlock, and JT walked me through the way out. Press the foot down that is on my hip, lift my body and butt over and onto that foot.

More rolling

Posted on November 14, 2017 by quashnsa

Today we worked from half-guard. I rolled with Nick (blue belt), Mondo (brown belt), and Rob (1st stripe white).

The basic idea was to almost shrimp away from the trapped lag side while either maintaining head control with hip and defending the danger zone between opponents elbow and knee.

When we sparred, I lost all but one round with mowth Nick and Mondo. It was still a great learning experience.