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Posted on June 13, 2017 by quashnsa

10/18/17 6:30am
I worked out with Garen (1980 California State Champion Wrestler, I just found out) and instructor Drey. We worked on escaping sidemount (untrained person side mount, arms over body with no protection of danger leg). Person on bottom turned onto side toward person laying on them, hip escape to create enough space to thread danger leg in for feet on hips, butterfly, or full guard. Then we worked on escaping a better trained person's side mount with defending head/neck scoop, cross arm over body to keep person from mounting. Paint the head hand over, frame off, thread in danger leg into favorite mount. Look out for the whizzer arm.

There have been many classes that I have not reported on, but I will continue my journey.

I worked out with Oliver and Wilson today. We started from harness, roll to side, work for double grip on one side, feed gi back behind head, shave head into chokes. We had a short roll with this technique. Sometimes it pays to be "heavy".

Josh, Jason, David. It wash Jason very first class (SF Police). I rolled with Josh (blue belt) during the drills which consisted of raising elbows-up along the head and blocking punches to the head, crashing into the attacker, wrapping up and taking them down to knee-on-belly.

Whew! Long day. I went to 12:00 class, 5:30 class, and did my first marathon roll in the 6:30 class. I only lasted the first 6 minutes in the marathon roll, but it was a really fun experience with Randori-like ground work.
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