First Shooting Post

Posted on December 30, 2005 by Stephen

I don't have much experience with guns of any kind. I was never given a BB gun or pellet gun when I was younger. A sling shot was as far as I got with fast moving metallic objects. Now later in life, I have had my first experience with shooting. My brother bought a 12 ga shotgun from a co-worker and he took me out shooting (December 2005). I bought a hand sling and a case of clay pigeons. I believe we were using small game shot (7 1/2) to hit the pigeons. I hit only 25% of the targets. Anyway, the experience has left me wanting more. I am not a gun aficionado so I stick with what I know. I searched the internet for recommendations on a cheap but reliable shotgun. I came up with the Remington 870. What I really want is an over-under. There is something beautiful about these guns.

For a plinking gun, the recommendations are the Ruger 10/22. The .17 caliber guns are looking pretty good too. I'm sure everyone has there favorites, but this is what I'm looking at. The center-fire rifle calibers I looked at lead me to choose the the .243 for its flat trajectory and long range. Why people call it a varmint gun is beyond me. I thought that's what .22 cals were for.

Cuesta Rey Sun Grown wrapper cigars

Posted on December 05, 2005 by quashnsa

In Dec 2005, I was also introduced to Cuesta Rey Sun Grown wrapper cigars. These are also favorites.