Getting around in Germany

Posted on June 23, 2007 by Stephen

From München to Penzberg:
Drive south on A95

From Penzberg to Füssen (Schloss Neuschwanstein):
A95 south
B472 West through Uffing, Schöffan, Böbing, Pischlach
Cross over the 23 near Ilgen
17 south toward Füssen

From Penzberg to Ettlingen
A95 north to München
96 west
99 north
A8 west toward Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsberg
A5 south to Ettlingen

From Ettlingen to Heidelberg
A5 north
Exit east on 535 to Speyerer straße

From Penzberg to Gstadt am Chiemsee
head east toward Bad Tölz on 472 (pass through Miesbach)
13 east toward Prien and Salzburg

Fourth and Last Week in Deutschland

Posted on June 22, 2007 by Stephen

Hello all,

Well the last week has come and gone. It was all work, and lots of it. I will be leaving soon on my way back to Michelle. Would I do this again for work and for a vacation? Genau. But I would much rather share the experiences with Michelle and stay for a couple of weeks not a month. I have had many great experiences while here in Deutschland and in Österreich.

Third Week in Deutschland

Posted on June 16, 2007 by Stephen

Hello all,
One more week down and one left to go. I do not have anymore trips planned for the up coming week after my visit to Felix and Katja since it will all be about work. This week should fly by quickly since every day will be filled with work, lunch and dinner.

Second Week in Deutschland

Posted on June 09, 2007 by Stephen

Hello all,
Well it has been another week in Deutschland. Here are the highlights so far. I am starting this email on Saturday night while you are all waking up on Saturday. It probably won’t be finished until tomorrow.

Pfifen Huber in München

Posted on June 08, 2007 by Stephen

I picked up a three pack of Cohiba Rubustos from Pfifen Huber near Marienplatz in München. I really like these cigars. Maybe next time I will try a different brand. The pack of 3 cost me 47 euros.

First Week in Deutschland

Posted on June 03, 2007 by Stephen

Hello all,
My first week is done. I am writing this over the weekend while you all are asleep. My travel companions Josh and David are now staying at the Roche Boarding House near the Roche facility. David rented a car for 3 months. It is, of course, a Mercedes-Benz (C220 turbo diesel). When in Bavaria, drive what the Bavarians drive. David and Josh will be back and forth for the next three of four months while I will come back once more in the next three or four months. Our other travel companion Cornelia (Conny) has left for vacation. She traveled from Switzerland with her horse (Zokkeking [Zokke is some kind of card game] the thoroughbred) and dog (Amelie the Weimaraner). We went out together for a last hurra to a nice lakeside Biergarten called Lido. You can find all of the pictures here.

Stardust -- Niel Gaiman

Posted on June 02, 2007 by Stephen


I just started this book. What a fast reader it is. It was compelling me to read it every chance I get. I actually have started to reread it--that's how good it is.