Chapel Sales, Inc.

Posted on July 23, 2007 by Stephen

I have ordered two magazines from this group back on 11/22/2006. One publication was paid in full to the two men who were making the sale and the other was paid in full in Dec. 2006.

The publication that was paid in full in Nov. 2007 was not sent in to the magazine company until Dec 22 2006. We did not receive the magazine until April 2007.

The other publication which was paid in full in Dec 2006 was not submitted until Feb 2007. This magazine was never sent to us and a refund was initiated on July 23, 2007 (it will take 4 - 6 weeks by mail).

I would not recommend using this service for magazines unless you are really forgiving.

Good first boating book

Posted on July 19, 2007 by Stephen

ISBN: 0071445145

I always like to read about my next great adventure. So when it came to boating, I figured that I should read something to help me ask the right questions when it came time to buy a boat. The book Coastal Cruising Under Power by Gene and Katie Hamilton caught my eye. This book has lots of good information about electronics, drivetrain, facilities, layout, etc.

Ordering Coocoo Clocks online

Posted on July 18, 2007 by Stephen

One of the recommended online shops for Kuckucksuhren (Coocoo Clocks) is They have a good selection from House style, hunter style, three bird style and others. The clocks range in price from about $150 US to well over $1000 US.

Wallfahrtstraße 22
78098 Triberg

Telefon: 07722 920591
Telefax: 07722 2871

It will take approximately 4 weeks for delivery to the US. So plan WAY ahead.

When ordering, the 40cm clock is a very nice size for a living room or other large room. Ordering one step up or down in size is all I would recommend if the clock is to be the focus or used as a centerpiece.

Ethics versus Morals

Posted on July 11, 2007 by Stephen

Because this is such a grey area, I have condesed the definitions for ethics and morals into something easy to understand.

Morals (Moral, Morality) - personal behaviors based on individual principles (or beliefs) of right and wrong.

Ethics (Ethical) - a set of morals defined by a single guiding principle (or belief) that affects personal criteria for determining right and wrong.

I do not kill snakes. (an activity is a moral)
All life has value. (an belief is an ethic)

Here it is easy to see that having the ethic that "All life has value." influences the moral "I do not kill snakes."

A Quote:
"Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching—even when doing the wrong thing is legal." Aldo Leopold

New Cleaning Kit for Savage .17HMR

Posted on July 10, 2007 by Stephen

I finally bought a cleaning kit for my Savage 93R17 .17HMR. The kit is made by Kleen Bore. I went over to Dom's Outdoors where I picked up the kit. It comes in a black plastic box with cleaning solution, a three piece rod, nylon brush, 100 cotton patches, a jag, a rod copper brush, a cotton mop and a polishing rag. I also bought more cotton patches for the .17HMR and my 12 gauge, a jag for my 12 guage and Kleen Bore's #10 solvent.

My Boat Choices

Posted on July 09, 2007 by Stephen

Trophy Boats (by Bayliner) - 2152 I/O walk-around

Seaswirl Striper - 2101 I/O walk-around

Water Sports Equipment Links

Posted on July 07, 2007 by Stephen