Best PVE Combo

Posted on June 16, 2008 by Stephen

Last night I played WoW with a friend. I have a lvl 34 shadow priest and he logged on with his lvl 32 protection paladin. We were clearing 4 mobs at a time (pally was tanking) that were +4 levels higher. Twice we cleared one +3 elite and two +4 mobs (the elite was a caster/healer) with the pally tanking all three and me doing DPS and heals. This was the best combo I have played in PVE. The prot pally does one hell of a job tanking and keeping aggro.

I have also run with combos with my warlock (affliction spec)/druid (bear form), warlock (afflic)/warrior (fury spec), priest (shadow spec)/rogue, priest (shadow spec)/warrior (fury spec) and none of these was nearly as powerful a combo as the priest/pally mentioned above.