Ground Tackle

Posted on August 24, 2008 by Stephen

Chain and Rode

Use nylon rope only. Nylon rope is strong, light, easy to handle, and elastic. Three-strand offers the dual advantages of greater elasticity and lower cost, but where the anchor line will be fed through a deck pipe for stowage, the added flexibility of braided nylon can make it a better choice.

Determining how long your anchor rode should be is as simple as multiplying the deepest water you expect to anchor in by 8.

As for rope size, the rule of thumb is 1/8" of rope diameter for every 9' of boat length. So if you expect to anchor your 26' boat in 30' of water, you need 240' of 3/8" nylon rope. Unlike oversizing the anchor, oversizing the line is not recommended because that reduces its beneficial elasticity. As a practical matter, however, rope with a diameter smaller than 3/8" is difficult to grip.

Chain leads should be half the diameter of the line to which it will be attached. For example, use 1/4-inch chain with 1/2-inch line. Shackles should be a size larger than the chain, and be sure you wire the pin to keep it from coming unscrewed.

Boating Knots

Posted on August 20, 2008 by Stephen

Well, now that I have a boat i might as well take my Boy Scouts knowledge of knots and add to it.

Knots I know:
Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
Sheet Bend
Cleat Hitch
Tautline Hitch

** Know the difference between a noose knot and a slip knot.

What I need to learn
Reef (Square) Knot
Bowline on a Bight (aka: Boswain's Chair Knot)
Monkey Paw (Fist)
Carrick Bend
Timber Hitch
Marlinespike hitch
Double Sheet Bend
Double Fisherman's Knot
The Alpine Butterfly (or Lineman's Knot)

Here is a link to the best knot tying website I have found : Animated Knots by Grog

Don't forget

Desktop Environments and Windows Managers

Posted on August 19, 2008 by Stephen

One of the best sites for a great intro to a large variety of DEs and WMs is Penguin Pete's. He has broken down many of the popular DEs and WMs into straight talk to help you find your niche environment. i use IceWM exclusively because it is a bare bones WM. Read Pete's descriptions, he has taken the time to use these DEs and WMs to gain insight to their target audience.

For an exhaustive list of DEs and WMs for *NIX go to

or here

Assorted Boating Links

Posted on August 10, 2008 by Stephen


Boating and Ramps

Small Craft Book: 18652 San Francisco Bay To Antioch
Pacific Chart Selecter

Interstate Storage - Sutter St Livermore, CA 94551 (925) 264-8176 (37.6998N 121.7941W)

Del Valle Res. (37.5861N 121.7038W)

Delta Boating (Bethany Reservoir SRA)

Santa Clara County Parks
Calero Reservoir -- 23201 McKean Rd. San Jose, CA 95120 (408) 268-3883
Anderson Lake County Park -- 19245 Malaguerra Ave., Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (408) 779-3634

Wake Board Shops

Marine Electronics
Lowrance iFinder Expedition c(+) GPS Unit
Standard Horizon CP180i GPS Chartplotter

1013.25 millibars = 1 ATM
29.92" Hg = 1 ATM

Our first boat

Posted on August 09, 2008 by Stephen

On Saturday my wife and I went back to see Chad at Ultimate Watersports in Fairfield. Chad had spent a lot of time with us explaining the ins-and-outs of boats and why Chaparral was a very good choice for our first boat. We signed papers with Gail about 11:30am. Now this beautiful copper colored bout was ours. Chad helped us supply our boat with dock lines, fenders, anchor and some other necessities.

Chaparral 236 SSX