Delta Cruise with Friends

Posted on May 31, 2009 by Stephen

We were back in town this weekend, so there was no reason not to go boating. We picked up some food the night before (beer, cheese, chips, bean dip, salami) and Michelle made breakfast burritos which we wrapped up in foil to warm in the morning. We had a lot of stuff to get onto the boat this time. We had ordered a replacement tow mirror which will fit our 1.25 inch thick windshield, first aid kit, spare drain plug and other things. We picked up two of our friends and headed out to get the boat. They had bought us a present--the Big Bobber floating cooler. We made our way to Orwood by a different path. We climbed the Altimont Pass on 580, got off on Grant Line Rd, turned left onto Mtn. House Rd., left on HWY 4 and on to Orwood.

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Posted on May 26, 2009 by Stephen

This was a long weekend indeed! We left home in a rental car on Friday (we put on 1000 miles in a weekend) and drove half way to LA. There were a lot of birthdays in the family to celebrate this past weekend. Brother-in-law, Mother-in-law and most importantly the 40-year-old cousin all had birthdays to be celebrated.

Storing my Book Collection on

Posted on May 22, 2009 by Stephen

[20120215 edit] This no longer works. Thanks Living Social for jackin' me.

Hot day boating on the delta

Posted on May 16, 2009 by Stephen

We knew it was gonna be a hot one. Fremont was predicted to hit 90F and SF to 80F. The delta outside of Discovery Bay was going to be at least 98F. We pulled our boat over to Orwood again to launch. The ramp was busy today. The front parking lot was full and the second parking lot was half full by the time we hit Orwood. For the first time at the launch ramp instead of tying the boat up to the dock (which blocks the ramp from being used), Michelle took the boat out into deeper water and waited for me to park the truck and trailer. On my walk back to the docks I called her on the cellphone and told her where to pick me up. There is a long dock on the right hand side of the launch ramp. I walked to the far end of the dock (well away from where everyone was launching) which made it easy for both of us. Michelle eased the boat over to the dock and I gave us a push out into deeper water when I climbed into the front of the boat. Once on the boat, we trolled through the No Wake zone toward Discovery Bay and on into Indian Slough.

Boating Season 2009 Starts for Us

Posted on May 10, 2009 by Stephen

After a somewhat thorough checkout yesterday, we drove over to the storage place and hitched up the boat. Our destination was Orwood, CA for launch. Our nerves were on edge the whole time we were driving there. We must have rehearsed the mechanics of launching 3 times. Launching a boat is definitely a spectator sport. Many couples become singles on the docks. Many keys are jettisoned into the water never to be recovered. Luckily for us we caught ourselves getting wound-up and calmed down.

Boat Cleanup and Prep Day

Posted on May 09, 2009 by Stephen

Our plan for today was to take our boat out to the delta. That plan was quickly squashed by the amount of traffic heading from Hayward to Livermore on the 238. By the time we got to the storage place, it would be a very late day of boating. Instead of boating, we prepped the boat for a Sunday trip. I had finally changed the bad tire on the trailer, but the trailer had been sitting so long that the wheels were no longer completely round. As I drove around to the wash station to flush the engine, the boat kept bouncing around due to the flat part of the tires. Michelle turned on the blower while I drove the boat around to the wash station. I hooked up the mouse-ears to the outdrive water intake and had Michelle start the engine. OOOOH! What a vicious rumble the 5.7 GXi engine makes! I opened up the engine hatch and inspected the bilge and checked all of the fluids--oil, fresh water, gas. It looked like we were ready to go boating.