Starting Soccer ... again

Posted on November 30, 2009 by Stephen

I have been playing with members at my work on Mondays and Thursdays on most weeks. Now the season is closed and I am looking to continue playing over winter.

Thanksgiving 2009

Posted on November 29, 2009 by Stephen

Well the fall season has come and gone now. Christmas is around the corner and the mad-dash to get stuff for everyone has begun. This year was especially important to me. I love the fall and I love how my wife decorates the house for fall. There were garlands and wreaths full of fall colors spread throughout the house. Pumpkins, leaves, twigs, gourds and all other fall items made the house feel warm and inviting to friends and family. (picture)

Shooting Range

Posted on November 06, 2009 by Stephen

Went to the range today for lunch. Took my .17 HMR and kept all shot at 100 yard with in the 9 and 10 ring. Sight was set high and I forgot to compensate. There were a couple of dummies at the benches today too. One guy could not figure out that "keep all firearms pointed down range" mean the muzzle is ALWAYS pointed down range whether you are putting it in the case or taking it out of the case.

Better than Chuck E. Cheese

Posted on November 01, 2009 by Stephen

On Sunday, we celebrated our friend Sam's birthday. His wife set up a great day out for those of us who drink. Instead of the usual dinner-out get together, she planned a trip to St. George Spirits. St. George is a distiller located in Alameda (St. George Spirits). They have tours on the weekends. There is only one tour per day and they start at 1:00. Our guide was entertaining and very knowledgeable about the process and the manufacturing of alcohol. Most importantly, St. George was the first distiller to produce absinthe after the ban was lifted in in 2007.