Ovo - Cirque du Soleil

Posted on March 20, 2010 by Stephen

Saturday night was our friend Lynda's birthday celebration. Part of her celebration included tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Ovo. Her husband had invited us to join them for the show and we eagerly accepted. The show was fantastic as all Cirque shows are--lavish costumes, amazing feats of agility and flexibility, some moderately erotic performances and fantastic music.


Posted on March 20, 2010 by Stephen

For our friend Lynda's birthday, we celebrated at Horatios in the marina in San Leandro. The dinner was fantastic. I had the prawns and scallops skewers over yukon gold potatoes. Delicious.

Stupid Milestone

Posted on March 12, 2010 by Stephen

Well, I just hit a milestone in my life. It is silly, but today I had a pen run out of ink while writing. I have never kept a pen long enough for the ink to run out. I usually lose the pens long before the ink runs out.

I remember thinking to myself long ago in school, when the teachers finally allowed the students to use ink instead of pencil, would I ever write with a pen until the ink runs out? Well, that has come to pass.

FreeBSD 8.0

Posted on March 11, 2010 by Stephen

I finally got around to updating my system to FreeBSD 8.0 after scraping together some money to buy my first SATA HDD (500GB for ~$60.00). Prior to this upgrade, I was running FreeBSD 6.3 from two 40 GB HDD attached to the single ATA port on the Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H motherboard. Plugging in the SATA HDD freed the ATA port for my ATA CD drives. Eventually I will replace the CD drives with SATA CD drives, but at the moment the system is working well. Next, I will create a custom kernel. Followed by the real fun--installing my favorite ports.

My first port will be IceWM. I use IceWM as my primary WM; I only need to switch to the larger "complete" WM like KDE4 when I have M$ files to work with. The next ports I will install are Firefox and lynx_ssl. When I have questions, I need internet answers. I will also install some of these: R, mplayer, ProFTP, OpenSSH, last.fm, KDE games (gotta have some fun), EBoard to play chess on FICS, maybe Crafty, Freeciv, xmame or sdlmame, possibly PennMUSH for goofing off and writing silly code, and some other stuff. I used to load Apache, but I don't keep my website at home.

Most importantly, with this motherboard's USB 2.0 I finally got my Western Digital 160GB USB external hard drive to mount. It took a lot of internet searching, but I finally found the missing links. When I plug it in to mount, it shows up on ugen2.2. First I had to disable USB Legacy support in the BIOS and then mount the drive with the following command:

>mount_msdosfs -o large /dev/da0s1 /mnt


Posted on March 03, 2010 by Stephen

Got my shot yesterday! No soreness or aches after 24 hours. I am feeling tired, but that may be just from the day.

R, gfortran, lapack and mpfr

Posted on March 01, 2010 by Stephen

I have been trying to update to R-2.9.2 (R-Project) on my FreeBSD 6.2 system and ran into the problem of loading lang/gfortran. It was looking for shared library "gmp.7", which is available through math/libgmp4, but it loaded lib/libgmp.so.8 which is not recognized as "gmp.7". I symbolically linked lib/libgmp.so.8 to lib/libgmp.so.7 and it passed the requirement. After that linked allowed the system to keep making gfortran the math/mpfr also had a linking problem that I fixed the same way.

I got most of it to work, but when I try to install R, it still craps out on gfortran. I can't quite get gfortran to install completely.

I made sure that my gcc* was gcc4.4 and that /usr/bin/gcc was linked to /usr/local/bin/gcc44. I also rebuilt math/lapack and then rebuilt math/blas. Finally, I deinstalled R (I was try to avoid this until I had a completed "make") and executed "make install clean" That finally make a complete build and usable R program. I don't know if I had to deinstall or link the correct gcc. Somehow, it just worked.

For Eterm, I had to link /usr/local/lib/libImlib2.so.5 to /usr/local/lib/libImlib2.so.3 so that it would work.