Clean Boat!

Posted on May 02, 2010 by Stephen

We finally made it out to clean the boat! We used the vacuum bay to vacuum the dust off of our winter cover and the snap-covers. The vacuum made the covers much cleaner. We washed the outside and inside of the boat. I had to remove the snap-in carpet so I could clean the floor of the boat. I swear that when the water first hit the boat's interior and exterior, mud slowly caked off of the gel-coat. Thank goodness for scupper holes! I washed the boat's floor with water and pushed most of the dirt and gunk towards the scupper holes. After about 3 and a half hours of work, the boat looks almost new. A problem with leaving the boat in storage so long is that the battery has only 8V of charge. We bought a trickle charger from West Marine (2/10/15 Amp) 3 stage charger. I just have to get the battery out of the boat and take it home to charge.