Trap Range

Posted on June 09, 2010 by Stephen

I went to the trap range with a co-worker on Wednesday for lunch. We each shot a round of trap with one other person. We took turns using my 870. I hit about 50% of the birds. That wasn't too bad for me--I haven't shot trap for over a year.

Memorial Day Weekend

Posted on June 03, 2010 by Stephen

Finally, we were on the water! It was time to get together with family and friends over the long weekend.

We packed up the truck on Friday morning and headed over to Lake McClure. I had replace the battery a week earlier, I had it at home for a trickle charge. Our new radial tires were a little flat and I aired them up at the storage place. We were the first to arrive at the lake. Thinking ahead, we did the smart thing and bought the year long pass to McClure this year. Next time we come to the check-in station, we can blow right past it! Launching was easy, only two other boaters were near the launch ramp. The boat started-up nicely and Michelle took her out while I parked the car on the top lot.