Bloody Mary Mix Recipes

Posted on April 30, 2011 by quashnsa

These are some of the recipes I have gathered from different sources for Bloody Mary Mix.

Single Glass mix from Randi
Bloody Mary mix: pepper, dash of Worcestershire, horse radish (to taste) celery salt a dash, hot sauce to taste, oyster sauce to taste (or none), all in about 3-4oz tomato juice...put in glass with celery stalk and enjoy...very basic but really good fresh.

Randi's Mix
tomato juice
lime juice
ground horseradish
minced garlic
celery salt
whole black pepper corns

Refrigerate over night

Spring 2011 Planting

Posted on April 10, 2011 by quashnsa

We went to our local nursery to purchase a few more plants for the backyard. At the end of our shopping spread, we had purchased a Camelia, a few annuals, a trellis and a bag of azalea potting mix. My job, as per usual, was to prepare the ground and plant the Camelia. I had a half-bag of perlite which I worked into the ground. I created a nice low mound to plant the Camelia on and support the trellis.

My other jobs during the planting was to cut down (remove large diameter branches) from the photinia. The plant is a hazard to the yard and the cars parked nearby. This cut-down has been two years in the process. Two years ago during a rain storm, I was outside at 10:30pm trimming the long branches off the tree that kept hitting our house. A year ago, I was so fed up with the gargantuan mess that I trimmed the tree (normally a bush) from its 30 foot height to 15 feet. That did not kill the resilient "weed", so finally yesterday I brought it down to four feet. I will remove the trunk and grind out the stump when I have a chainsaw. The benefit to removing the "weed" is improved sunlight for the maple and all plants on the side of the house.