Paragraph CSS for EPUB

Posted on January 24, 2012 by quashnsa

I have been converting most of my electronic books from PDF to EPUB. Using Sigil makes editing the EPUB files very easy. One trick I have experimented with in the EPUB is paragraph spacing and indentation. What appeals to me in a book is a slightly room feel with paragraph indentaiton. I personally don't like non-indented paragraphs even if there is space added between paragraphs.

p {text-indent:15px;
text-align: justify; }

The 15px; indentation is enough to set-off new paragraphs visually, but adding a small amount of space (5px) below each paragraph makes the book seem not too cramped and a bit roomy.

Another Three Year Anniversary

Posted on January 22, 2012 by quashnsa

This is the third anniversary of my second surgery (craniotomy).

Kindle Fire and TOR

Posted on January 16, 2012 by quashnsa

There is an Android app for the Kindle Fire to use the TOR network. I stole this from the following website:

Installation Instructions

1) Under the settings section labeled “Device,” there is an option that says “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources.” Enable this!

2) Then download these files directly via the Fire’s browser, or side-load them from the desktop using the Android SDK “adb” tool.



3) Start Orbot, follow the wizard, and press the power up button to connect to Tor.

4) Start Orweb to connect to the Tor Check page to verify your connection, then browse away to your (private) heart’s content.

5) Do a happy dance because your Kindle Fire just got way more l33t and slightly less p0wn3d.

Three Year Anniversary

Posted on January 15, 2012 by quashnsa

It has been three years since my first surgery. Thank you to all of my friends and family for the support they continue to give me. Thanks also to my soccer mates for understanding my limitations.

Kindle Fire and Windows 7

Posted on January 02, 2012 by quashnsa

The Windows 7 box didn't completely recognize the Kindle Fire. After some research, it turns out that the Fire has to be "on" and not in "sleep" or off for the drivers to be loaded completely.

2011/2012 New Years

Posted on January 02, 2012 by quashnsa

We spent our time with our neighbors. There was a little drinking and lots of chatting. It was a good night. What I am completely overwhelmed by is my Squeezebox Radio from Logitec to stream internet radio in any room in the house that has wi-fi connectivity. There are some really (REALLY) good internet radio stations available. So far has some of the best 80s and Jazz channels.