Not a Good Start to 2014

Posted on March 07, 2014 by quashnsa

So far this year, I have been transported to the hospital in an ambulance (the first time ever in an ambulance) for a seized lumbar muscle spasm I received while playing soccer. After some heavy pain killers and a muscle relaxant, the muscle finally relaxed and I was able to stand up.

Then, the gallbaldder attack I had last year on Christmas Eve returned in a big, bad way. I tried to tough it out from Tuesday night to Wednesday, but there was no relief. I held on for several more days until I became jaundiced and had to go to the ER on Saturday. Two days of sitting in hospital waiting for an MRI to confirm that the gallstone had passed. On Tuesday I had surgery to remove the gallbladder. I lost 10 pounds from not eating for nearly 7 days.

Last year, I had my hearing checked and a balance test was performed (I have dizzy spells, these not lightheaded episodes). I have 90% hearing loss above 4000 Hz, so people have to be in front of me so I can read lips and see the missing parts of speech (namely the "sh" and "th" sounds). The balance test was anomalous. I am truly jacked up. I have very little response from my inner ear which causes me to have oscillopsia in my vision.