Morning Roll and Lunchtime Roll

Posted on December 06, 2017 by quashnsa

Today it was just Garen and I on the mat.

We were working with Drey on side control flow drills. We started from basic side control (arm over body to side of head with elbow, other arm protecting against danger leg), flow to arm behind head-control and grab far arm with wrist/hand locked together, flow into under hooks on both arms with hips open toward head, flow to under head and far hand to near knee with drag down of knee into full mount, flow into opposite side knee on belly.

Next we threw in the near arm arm-bar from the head control using knee drag down for positional control. This was a step over to shin-in arm bar.

There are also a hip switch to reverse kesa gatame and hip switch to kesa gatame.

On one of the step overs, a shin cutter was used to pin the far side arm while working to arm bar.

An area I'd like to focus on is the surfboard switch. That movement may work better for me than the hop over.

Lunchtime Roll
I worked out with Wilson (Purple), Dave (2 stripe blue), and Matt (2 stripe blue). We worked on transitioning from being in butterfly guard, to double leg grab into tackle pass.