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Finished my DMC Physical Tests and Equip Exchange

I went to Diver Dan's to finish my underwater equipment exchange, 800 yard snorkel swim and 400 yard freestyle swim. I had already passed the 15 minute tread water with a score of 5 and the tired diver tow with a score of 2. I only needed to get a total of 5 more points in these last two tests to pass.

I was paired up with Eric for the equipment exchange. This went very well for us. We had a well thought out plan and executed it with calm and ease. We exchanged the scuba unit first and then our masks and fins last.

I blazed through the 400 yard swim and passed with 4 points. I didn't struggle with the 800 yard snorkel, but I did go slow and passed with 2 points. Now I only need to fill out the paperwork to be a DM.
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Divemaster Rescue Evaluation

I went to Breakwater over the weekend to help Ron with the Open Water Class and to perform my Rescue Eval. I passed my rescue evaluation so now I am only three items away from my DM!
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Divemaster Skills Circuit

Over the last three weeks I have been in the pool at Diver Dan's finishing my Divemaster Skills Circuit. The first week (9/10) we (John, Ryan, Orr, Eddie and me) were there to learn the art of "the demonstration". Exagerate all movements to highlight areas that students might miss if not explicitely shown. Go slow and methodically. Look relaxed and at-home underwater. The next week (9/18) we were back to be graded on the Skills Circuit. We made it through about 15 of the 20 skills. Finally, we came back on 9/24 to finish. Each skill is rated from 1 to 5 with 3 defined as the skill was done at a student's level. I passed with a score of 93 out of 100 possible points (minimum score required is 63 with no single score less than 3). [Read More!]
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