Morning Roll and Lunchtime Roll

Posted on December 06, 2017 by quashnsa

Today it was just Garen and I on the mat.

We were working with Drey on side control flow drills. We started from basic side control (arm over body to side of head with elbow, other arm protecting against danger leg), flow to arm behind head-control and grab far arm with wrist/hand locked together, flow into under hooks on both arms with hips open toward head, flow to under head and far hand to near knee with drag down of knee into full mount, flow into opposite side knee on belly.

Next we threw in the near arm arm-bar from the head control using knee drag down for positional control. This was a step over to shin-in arm bar.

There are also a hip switch to reverse kesa gatame and hip switch to kesa gatame.

On one of the step overs, a shin cutter was used to pin the far side arm while working to arm bar.

An area I'd like to focus on is the surfboard switch. That movement may work better for me than the hop over.

Lunchtime Roll
I worked out with Wilson (Purple), Dave (2 stripe blue), and Matt (2 stripe blue). We worked on transitioning from being in butterfly guard, to double leg grab into tackle pass.

Jiu Jitsu Marathon Roll for Lunch

Posted on November 21, 2017 by quashnsa

There were 4 guys in class today with JT as instructor. Mondo [brown belt], Josh [blue belt], Matt? [purple belt], and myself [first stripe white]. It was a free roll at 75% intensity with simulated strikes.

Josh and I rolled quite a bit. At one point, Josh stood up to fight from feet. This worked for me. He tried a deashi harai, but I countered with tsubame gaeshi. That quick takedown is one of my favorites.

Mondo is as big as me with a lot of skill. He had me in full mount, so I applied my hands to his hips, bucked him over my knees into butterfly guard, but he was ready an countered with a nasty choke.

Matt has a lot of skill also, but because he is smaller, pushing his legs out of the way, or shrugging out of a triangle taught me to stay calm and figure out how to extricate myself.

Mondo's advice that helped a lot was to relax in a position, conserve air and energy.

Josh caught me in a Straight Footlock, and JT walked me through the way out. Press the foot down that is on my hip, lift my body and butt over and onto that foot.

More rolling

Posted on November 14, 2017 by quashnsa

Today we worked from half-guard. I rolled with Nick (blue belt), Mondo (brown belt), and Rob (1st stripe white).

The basic idea was to almost shrimp away from the trapped lag side while either maintaining head control with hip and defending the danger zone between opponents elbow and knee.

When we sparred, I lost all but one round with mowth Nick and Mondo. It was still a great learning experience.

Testing for 1st Stripe White Belt

Posted on October 19, 2017 by quashnsa

There will be three threads to complete. I had a practice round today to prepare for the test.
Basic Body Lock Thread
Partner 1 - Jab, Cross, Hook
Partner 1 - Body Lock Knee Bump Takedown
Partner 1 - Knee on Belly Wrist Control

Partner 1 throws punches into body lock on p2, takedown p2, knee on belly with wrist control and scene assess 360.

Fight Back to the Feet Thread
Partner 1 - Blocking Shield to Body Lock
Partner 1 - Knee Bump Takedown
Partner 2 Self-Defense Guard Kicks
Partner 2 Stand in Base
Partner 2 Push Kick

Partner 2 attacks, partner 1 blocks into body lock and takedown of partner 2. Partner 2 on back squares with p1 and pushes p1 hips away, p1 comes back into p2, p2 goes foot on hip with elevated kick to head, p2 to stand in base, p2 prepares with a push kick when p1 re-engages

Aggressive Bad Guy Thread
Partner 1 Wrist Grab Escape
Partner 1 Push Kick
Partner 1 Jab, Cross, Hook to Body Lock Knee Bump Takedown
Partner 1 Knee on Belly to Mount
Partner 2 Mount escape From Punches
Partner 1 Self Defense Guard 1

p2 grabs p1 wrist, p1 double up on grabbed wrist and rips away (wrist grab escape). p1 push kicks and then p1 re-engages with strikes to body lock takedown. p1 knee on belly transition into full mount on p2. p2 breaks p1 posture, p2 control arm and leg into bridge and roll p1. p1 locks guard on p2, p1 breaks p2 posture, p1 using legs on p2 to frame off p2, hip escape, create space, kick to head from hands on ground, stand in base.

The latest GJJ classes.

Posted on June 13, 2017 by quashnsa

10/18/17 6:30am
I worked out with Garen (1980 California State Champion Wrestler, I just found out) and instructor Drey. We worked on escaping sidemount (untrained person side mount, arms over body with no protection of danger leg). Person on bottom turned onto side toward person laying on them, hip escape to create enough space to thread danger leg in for feet on hips, butterfly, or full guard. Then we worked on escaping a better trained person's side mount with defending head/neck scoop, cross arm over body to keep person from mounting. Paint the head hand over, frame off, thread in danger leg into favorite mount. Look out for the whizzer arm.

There have been many classes that I have not reported on, but I will continue my journey.

I worked out with Oliver and Wilson today. We started from harness, roll to side, work for double grip on one side, feed gi back behind head, shave head into chokes. We had a short roll with this technique. Sometimes it pays to be "heavy".

Josh, Jason, David. It wash Jason very first class (SF Police). I rolled with Josh (blue belt) during the drills which consisted of raising elbows-up along the head and blocking punches to the head, crashing into the attacker, wrapping up and taking them down to knee-on-belly.

Whew! Long day. I went to 12:00 class, 5:30 class, and did my first marathon roll in the 6:30 class. I only lasted the first 6 minutes in the marathon roll, but it was a really fun experience with Randori-like ground work.


Posted on May 02, 2017 by quashnsa

Today for lunch I worked with the guys at GJJ.

I worked with David (blue), Brandon (white), and Ryan (blue). Today was side control to feeding gi behind the head with cross choke.

The evening class I worked with Gianni, a different Ryan, and David again. This class was all about defense from back or attack standing over someone on their back. Leg passing, shoulder roll overs, working to keep from being controlled.

Jiu Jitsu classes

Posted on April 26, 2017 by quashnsa

Last week on Thursday (4/20)

I worked out in a Core Development class. The trainer was Danny. I worked with a guy that was taller than me and stronger. It was a good test for the training. Training consisted of moving from back mount with harness to side control into Kimura. The last 20 minutes of class was devoted to rolling. The person under control was to try and escape to dominant position, while the dominant person was to maintain control and submit. I was very sore after the extended rolling.

Today (4/26)

Drey walked us (Garen, Freddie, and me) through from guard defense to armbar or choke or sweep to mount. Each one was built to transition into if the opponent was crafty and blocked the moves.

JT was the instructor today. We were working from the standing position with the opponent throwing punches. Block out, trap the arm. Block out, trap the arm, move to front control. Block out, trap the arm, move to front control, shuck into back control, and take down. Knee on belly 360 with attacking 3rd party. I worked out with Wilson (SJPD) and Mike in (Fremont PD).

Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu

Posted on April 05, 2017 by quashnsa

Worked out with Garrett and Drey
Knee on belly with hop over to other side knee on belly.

One-on-one with JT "Grandma's Boy" Donaldson
Stack pass to elbow hooks
elbow hooks to knee on belly
straight jacket and iron maiden

BJJ commands

Posted on March 08, 2017 by quashnsa

BJJ commands:
Combate - "com-BA-tchee" or "com-BA-te"= Fight.
Parou - "pa-row" or "pa-ROW" = Stop.
Lute - "lu-tchee" or "lu-Te" = Stalling.

6 MAR 2017 Monday at 5:30
I went after work and we studied a pull into full guard that looked similar to tomoe nage with out the toss. This led us into Cross Choke from the Guard Position followed by two other chokes from guard. One of the other two chokes starts like cross choke, but instead of finishing with the second hand due to blocking, the opponent's elbow is shoved away to close the choke. The other involved pulling the gi out and passing it behind the opponent, passing to cross choke hand and finishing a cross choke.

8 MAR 2017 Wednesday 6:30
Stack exercises. Passing the stack into side control was practiced.

Training Days

Posted on March 01, 2017 by quashnsa

23 FEB 2017 Lunch
Wilson with Instructor ???
Boxing out from standing position

24 FEB 2017 17:30
Barrett with Instructor ???
Standing strike defense

1 MAR 2017
Garrett and Louis with Instructor Dray (Dre?)
Scissor Sweep to mount
Scissor Sweep to side control
forearm choke using Gi
S Mount to Armbar from mount
Shoulder Lock from Mount