2016 Reading Challenge

Posted on January 08, 2016 by quashnsa

2016 Reading Challenge

1. A book published this year:
2. A book that can be finished in a day: The Giving Tree (complete)
3. A book I've been meaning to read: While I Lay Dying
4. A book recommended by local librarian or book seller:
5. A book I should have read in school: Native Son, Wuthering Heights, Cannery Row, others
6. A book chosen for me by my spouse, BFF, partner, sibling, or child: 50 Shades of Grey,
7. A book published before I was born:
8. A book that was banned at some point: Tough choice: so many good books that were banned. Paper Town?
9. A book I've previously abandoned: Sea Lab
10. A book that I own but have never read: Children of Hurin
11. A book that intimidates me: Canterbury Tales
12. A book I've already read at least once: Too many to count, The Jungle Books

Some choices to fill-in the missing challenges
Bless Me, Ultima (banned)

Finished the Latest Book

Posted on November 11, 2013 by quashnsa

Monster Hunter International (MHI, #1)Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this book, and I will continue reading the series. However, the story didn't intrigue me as much as some other book series.

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Waiting for the Next Book

Posted on October 24, 2013 by quashnsa

I just finished book 5 in the Sandman Series.

Kill City Blues (Sandman Slim, #5)Kill City Blues by Richard Kadrey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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A Few Books I have Recently Finished

Posted on October 20, 2013 by quashnsa

I was turned on to the Sandman Slim novels by a co-worker. These have been very entertaining and great for brain candy.


Posted on October 02, 2013 by quashnsa

I have enjoyed this book. I purchased it to help Shawn pay for medical treatment for a second round of cancer. I encourage my fellow readers to buy the book. The book introduced me to a couple of new authors I will read in the future.

UnfetteredUnfettered by Shawn Speakman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Sandman Slim

Posted on September 04, 2013 by quashnsa

Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim, #1)Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I fell into this book because of a recommendation by a co-worker. She said it was darker and sometimes more twisted than another of my favorite book series "The Nightside" by Simon R. Green. I have not read a book this fast for a while. The plot is fun, the writing is easy to read, and the pace of the story is great.

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Ender's Shadow - Great Book

Posted on August 26, 2013 by quashnsa

I loved "Ender's Game," but did not read any further into the series. A friend of mine at work told me that if I read one other book from the series, it should be "Ender's Shadow". He was completely right.

Ender's Shadow (Shadow, #1)Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Cory Doctorow's "I, Robot"

Posted on August 13, 2013 by quashnsa

I, RobotI, Robot by Cory Doctorow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short story was an update to Isaac Asimov's "I, Robot". The short story takes into account the state of the world of science and development from a more current time.

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Mythopoeic Fantasy Award Winners

Posted on November 01, 2012 by quashnsa

In the history of the award, one award was given to adult and children's liturature until 1992 when an award was given to both classes.

1971 The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart
1972 Red Moon and Black Mountain by Joy Chant
1973 The Song of Rhiannon by Evangeline Walton
1974 The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart
1975 A Midsummer Tempest by Poul Anderson
1981 Unfinished Tales by J.R.R. Tolkien
1982 Little, Big by John Crowley
1983 The Firelings by Carol Kendall
1984 When Voiha Wakes by Joy Chant
1985 Cards of Grief by Jane Yolen
1986 Bridge of Birds by Barry Hughart
1987 The Folk of the Air by Peter Beagle
1988 Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card
1989 Unicorn Mountain by Michael Bishop
1990 The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers
1991 Thomas the Rhymer by Ellen Kushner

A Few Books I have just read

Posted on October 16, 2012 by quashnsa

I have not been consistent with keeping my reading list up-to-date on my website. Here are some of the books I have read in the last month or so.

Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
The Good, the Bad, the Uncanny - Simon R. Green
A Hard Days Knight - Simon R. Green
The Last Apprentice - Revenge of the Witch - Joseph Delaney
The Emperor of All Maladies - Siddhartha Mukherjee
Sealab - Ben Hellwarth
The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett
The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett
Equal Rites - Terry Pratchett

Some of the books I am reading now or will read shortly.

The Strain - Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan
The Bride Wore Black Leather - Simon R. Green
The Last Apprentice: Curse of the Bane - Joseph Delaney
A Separate War and Other Stories - Joe Haldeman