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Dive at Monastery (North side)

Glenn, Abel and I decided to dive Monastery on Sunday (8/5/07). When I arrived, the waves were passable. The waves would have made the entry difficult but not dangerous. By the time Glenn and Abel arrived, the waves had become too big to pass safely. The waves were averaging about 7 feet. We helped a couple of divers crawl out of the water. They spent only 15 minutes underwater before cancelling their dive. They said the surge was making then nauseated. After talking with the divers about their experience underwater I called off the dive and we drove over to Breakwater. At the Breakwater there were lots of classes stirring up the sediment, but diving in silty water is still better than not diving at all.

The first dive started about 10:00 with a foggy sky and little wind. We started our dive with a swim out around the kelp bed. We took at 0° heading and dropped to the bottom (22 feet). As we swam along our heading, Glenn took some video underwater with his camera. We swam past kelp bass and other fish. The eklp wasn't too thick so we swam through the kelp bed.

The second dive we did the same pattern but this time Abel was the lead. We walked into the water at 11:50 and made the same surface swim as the first dive. Toward the end of our outbound heading we found a nice cluster of metridium. After exploring the metridium for a while, Gelnn and I noticed that the water temperature had changed. Both he and I were getting cold so we started our return trip. When we reversed our heading Abel navigated us back to our starting position.

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