The Golden Compass Controversy

Posted on November 26, 2007 by Stephen

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As with most people, I have chosen a side and need to weigh-in on the "Golden Compass" controversy. I am a atheist with a strong set of ethics. These ethics dictate that people should be allowed to make their own choices. I believe in the freedoms that this country was founded on. Freedom of speech (spoken, written, expression, etc.) is one of our greatest freedoms.

Morals (Moral, Morality) - personal behaviors based on individual principles (or belief) of right and wrong.
Ethics (Ethical) - a set of morals defined by a single guiding principle (or belief) that affects personal criteria for determining right and wrong.
I believe everyone should have the freedom of choice in this country. We have the freedom to see this movie regardless of the opinion of the faith-based dictators. Our nation's defenders fight to allow us to live in a coutry that let's us choose our way of life. With this freedom we can boycott things that we do not agree with, but this freedom does not allow us to forbid people from the freedom to choose. Let everyone see this movie, both young and old if they choose to view the movie. This movie should be seen by everyone regardless of faith. In some blogs around the net, people are keeping their children from seeing this movie, but there is a far greater probablity that the impact from the "Passion of the Christ" would be more damaging to young minds.

The christians want you to believe that the movie is some subversive way to draw people away from the church. This way of thinking demonstrates just how tenuous the church's hold on people really must be. A movie can sway people to develop or drop a way of thinking when the people have the freedom to choose. When the church tries to persuade people not to view a movie (originally a book) because it may lead people away from the church; that is the church's way of enforcing totalitarian authority and taking way our freedom of choice. The church is trying to control the minds of its masses by massive PR campaignes to boycott the movie. This is exactly the reason our forefathers wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They wrote that there should be a division of power--separation of church and state. The church today would like to be the only power in the lives of people--telling them what to watch, what to read, what to think, etc. The church is fulfilling the role of the Party from the book 1984. At least the church has stopped killing people just because they don't believe what the church tells them to believe.,2933,305487,00.html
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