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Posted on April 03, 2008 by Stephen

First off, let me say that playing a priest is not the glamourous high crit/damage life of a warrior or rogue, BUT it is tons of fun. I really enjoy the two way respect between the tanks and healers. During a raid, the tank may do the fighting but they expect me to make sure they can keep fighting and resurect them if they die.

If you like being social on WoW the priest is the way to go. I have been invited to raids at all levels by random people--about once every 3 times I'm online. WoW is great to play by yourself to grind and quest, but I like getting pulled into a raid with a well balanced group (tanks, dps, heals). Raiding is much more fun and definitely more exciting.

For those who are "Horde for Life" and want to play a priest, get over to Orgrimmar and get training in staves. Also get training at Undercity for Daggers. There are some very good staves that have +bonus to healing and have good dps. When you run through Scarlet Monastery, be sure to get the good dagger there (Hypnotic Blade--I think).

Here are some links that I have found to be very useful. [no longer maintained]

Holy Talents:
Shadow Talents:
Discipline Talents:

Notes (thanks to Freyltee on Skywall server for the info):
Most of the Priest spells are too mana costly and inhibit leveling during grinding. This is due to the amount of time spent eating and drinking. Use Mind Flay, Smite and others only as a finishing spell and not as your main offensive attack.

The Priest's most effective offensive attack pattern for PVE or PVP is to specialize 5 points in wands (Discipline Talent Tree), and then focus all other talent points in Shadow Talent Tree. The best combo I have used is Power Word: Fortitude, Power Word: Shield, Shadow Word: Pain, Inner Fire and Touch of Weakness. As a level 10 Priest you should load up on the buffs (Power Word: Fortitude and Inner Fire) then hit the target with Shadow Word: Pain, follow up with Power Word: Shield and then wand. This method turns the Priest almost into a tank.

My priest is Undead and I have a racial spell called Touch of Weakness included in the following macros. I cast macro 1, hit macro 2 twice, then macro 3 and finally macro 2 again.

This sequence of macros casts Inner Fire (self), Touch of Weakness (self), SW:P (target), PW:S (self), and then wand the target to death!

Macro 1:
/castsequence reset=600 Inner Fire
This first macro does not work like I would want it to. I was hoping that it would not allow me to hit the button again for 600 seconds (10 minutes) but that is not what the macro is doing. What this does is reset the macro to cast the first spell in the sequence after 10 minutes of inactivity. Not very useful.

Macro 2:
/castsequence reset=combat/target Touch Of Weakness, Shadow Word: Pain, Shoot
This macro works very well for PVE. This is not so good for PVP since the wand stops when running commences.

Macro 3:
/cast [help] Power Word: Shield; [target=targettarget] Power Word: Shield
This macro works well for PVE and raiding. I really like hitting the raid's tank with this before the tank rushes into melee. If gives the tank an initial advantage over the mob.

Once you have your high level Priest, unlearn all of your Discipline and Shadow talent points and specialize in Holy to become the ultimate raid partner for guilds or just raids. Every guild I see is looking for Heals during raids. Be that support and reap the benefits.
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