WoW Priest Epic Quest

Posted on April 30, 2008 by Stephen

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The last patch introduced the Priest epic quest. Here we will try to compile as much information as possible to help you all get and finish this quest! We will post more detailed info as we get it.
1. Obtain the Eye of Divinity. The Eye of Divinity is a drop from Majordomo's (Level 500 elite mob) chest. Majordomo can be found in the Molten Core instance, which is in Blackrock Depths. Level 55+. You have to complete the following steps in order to get Majordomo Executus to spawn (Thanks Mythisafk!).

Get 7 to 8 people to complete the following Quests from Duke Hydraxis in Azshara

Poisoned Water
Stormers and Rumblers
Eye of the Emberseer
The Molten Core
Agent of Hyraxis
Hands of the Enemy

Hands of the Enemy requires you to collect the hands of Lucifron, Gehennas, Shazzrah and Sulfuron.

After completing the quest you get a Vial which can be used douse one of the seven or eight flame traps in Molten Core. Technically, you only need one person to complete the quest, but it's easier with seven or eight people with one vial each.

Each flame trap is guarded by:
Baron Geddon

After spawning Majordomo you have to force him to submit by killing his eight guards at the same time while tanking Majordomo himself. After he submits a chest will appear. You only have five minutes to open the chest and loot items before it despawns.

Basically it takes a 40 man crew two days normally to clear Majordomo. The Eye drops roughly 40% of the time. Only one eye will drop, so you'll have to kill Majordomo once per Priest. The eye is bind on pickup however. Equip the eye and use it to obtain a clue. Follow the clue to the next step.

2. Obtain the Splinter of Nordrassil.
A guide to completing the Epic Priest quest event
By: Paladeus (Immortality – Skullcrusher)

Upon obtaining the eye of divinity from Major Domo’s chest, the priest must equip it in order to gain a clue as to where the quest will take him. The eye tells the tale of a sole priest who failed in saving fleeing peasants from the onslaught of an UD invasion.
…you must make up for what she could not do!

First, head to the Stratholme area and find the NPC. She is located due west of Stratholme after passing thru a cave, on the left side. If you reach the Terrorweb tunnel, you’ve gone too far! She can ONLY be seen when the eye of divinity is equipped. She will tell you her tale, after which the quest will appear that if you accept, will begin the event that you must succeed in!

The Event:
Note: you must keep the eye of divinity EQUIPPED for the entire duration of the event
You have to save the lives of 50 peasants before 15 die. The peasants will spawn in groups of 10 near the cave to the East. In order to “save” them, the peasants must reach the area near the NPC. While the peasants are traveling from the cave to this point, they will be fired upon by UD archers which CANNOT be killed, melee’d by UD warriors (which in turn melee you), and sporadically given a disease (which appears as a green cloud) that must be cured ASAP as it eats away their life very quickly.

How to beat it:
(The items, buffs, and people you might want /need when you attempt it)

A group of 5 people, consisting of you, 2 paladins, a warlock and a mage…the people you bring with you MUST STAND ON TOP OF THE NPC and never move, as it will cause you to fail the quest. However, from this place, the auras and such will still reach you and be of GREAT use. Granted, not all of the below things are “needed”, but with the 2 hour wait between attempts, it might be nice to have a good shot at it in one try.


o Concentration Aura OR Devotion Aura
o Retribution Aura
o Blood Pact (warlock Imp)

Buffs (both spell and item buffs)

o Improved Fortitude
o Inner Fire
o Arcane Intellect
o Mark of the Wild
o Blessing of Kings
o Blessing of Wisdom
o Thorns Aura (or the crystal form of it from Ungoro crystal towers)
o Divine Spirit (or the crystal form of it from Ungoro crystal towers)
o Cerebral Cortex Compound (+50 intellect, quest in Blasted Lands that’s repeatable)
o Rum Tum Tuber Surprise (10 int)
o Nightfin Soup (mana / 5 sec regen)
o Wildblossom berries (10 stam)


o OIL OF IMMOLATION (this is by far a must have to complete this quest easily!)
o Mana / Health Potions
o Demonic Runes (sacrifices life and give you mana – from demons in felwood)
o Whipper Root Tubers (restore health - from felwood)
o Nightdragon Plants(restore small health and mana - from felwood)

There are some very key things that should be noted about the event that will help you tremendously when attempting it.

Manually targeting the peasants to heal them can be a pain! In order to alleviate this, make sure to have their health bars displayed above their heads (by pressing hotkey “V”) and also targeting them by clicking their health bars, not their bodies!

* When the waves of peasants spawn, there will be a few in the front of the pack that almost have a “purple” glow to them. These peasants are extremely weak and must be cured and healed immediately or they will die. This can easily cause the priest to fail the quest when they first attempt it, as I did.

* Right before the first wave of peasants reaches the safe point (and every group thereafter), the next group will spawn. Therefore, it is imperative that you turn around and head back towards the cave and be ready to heal those weak peasants in the front first. In addition, the second wave of peasants will cause the UD melee warriors to spawn. I found it best to FEAR (yes they CAN be feared) this initial group of warriors as it allowed me to compose myself, heal the very weak peasants, and in turn gain their agro so they weren’t targeting peasants. I did this every time a new wave spawned.

* When Melee UD warriors engage you (and they will, after you pop one heal on a peasant) Activate your Oil of Immolation! These potions have no cool down between uses and grant you the chance to deal tons of damage to melee things attacking you. Combined with the auras listed above, the UD fighters (which don’t have much health) will die after 1-2 swings at you, saving your mana from having you use it on healing yourself.

* It’s a good idea to hotkey Flash heal (rank 6 or 7, depending on how much bonus +healing you have, ONE of these will fully heal the peasant), Renew rank 9, and abolish disease to keys right next to each other…such as 1, 2 and 3. These will be the only spells you will use on the peasants and you need to use them in rapid succession. AOE heal does not work, nor do you have the time to cast a spell that long.

* Using Renew on peasants around ˝ health as they near the NPC is a good strategy as it allows you to not worry about their health and in turn focus on the next group that’s about to spawn.

* Use Health / Mana Potions frequently, renew, and desperate prayer (if you have it) to heal yourself if needed. Do not waste time healing yourself with cast time spells as it will make keeping the peasants alive that much more difficult.

* Your friends that are there for support / giving you the buffs CANNOT see the NPC’s. So, as hard as it might be for them, you must convince them NOT to move as to them, you’ll be running around alone taking damage and healing nothing!

All told, you should count on their being at least 6 waves of peasants, as some will die here and there…it is unavoidable. Upon completing the event, you gain the Splinter of Nordrassil, that when used will form the Benediction Staff as long as you also posses the Eye of Shadow! (which can be obtained by killing Kazzak, an outdoor raid boss in the blasted lands, or by farming high level demons for it)

Best of Luck to all of you who attempt it!

3. Obtain the Eye of Shadow. The Eye of Shadow drops off of Lord Kazzak, a very powerful elite boss in the Blasted Lands. Bring a raid group. Currently, you MUST be in the kill group in order to loot the Eye. Tigole says they plan to change this so you can loot the Eye even if you're not in the raid group. Update from Tregga: Well it seems Tigole was mistaken about the impending change. He just came back and said you will have to be in the group that tags Kazzak in order to have a chance to loot it. However, it was not intended to have the Priest epic quest loot only drop from raid encounters. The devs are looking into alternate methods for Priests to get the drops required for the epic quest.

Tips for fighting Lord Kazzak (Taken from Elenandaron's post on the's boards) :

First of all, his attacks:

* Melee
His melee attacks are pretty weak, no more than 1500 hits on cloth users.
* 'Shadowbolt Volley'
Shoots out an insanely long range volley of Shadowbolts that damage anything it can target in distance for 800-1000 damage. The volley totally ignores all line of sight issues: it cannot be dodged.
* Twisted Reflection
Casts a magical debuff (on a random player in range other than the player with aggro) that heals Lord Kazzak for 25,000 health each time he deals damage to the player with this debuff. This combined with the Shadowbolt Volley can ruin the attempt.
* Mark of Kazzak
Casts a curse (on a random player in range with mana) that drains the target's mana for 250 per second and explodes for 4,000 AOE damage when there is no more mana to drain. A living bomb.
* Cleave
Attacks a number of melee range players around him with a cleaving strike that deals 1000-2000 damage to each. Since a 'blind spot' has not been found, Cleave might be capped to a certain number of players affected.
* Thunderclap
A point blank area of effect spell, hardly dealing any damage, but slowing movement speed. Some have reported 200 damage, some say it doesn't deal damage at all. Doesn't seem to affect attacking speed either.
* Void Bolt
A strong bolt he may cast only on the player with aggro, deals up to 3000 shadow damage (or more!).
* Capture Soul
When a player, pet or totem gets killed, Lord Kazzak casts this spell to instantly regenerate 70,000 health.

Alright, now you know pretty well what you're fighting against. Here's how the battle itself works:

Once he is aggroed and the fight begins, you have no more than three (3) minutes to kill him. I'll explain later why. He starts off with everything he's got. He keeps meleeing the main tank while Cleaving once in a while for rogues swarming around him and keeps sending Shadowbolt Volleys to hurt everyone around. The volleys are not on a timer, instead he casts them as he sees fit. In some rare cases there's about 30 seconds between the casts, sometimes he does it every five seconds. In the meantime, he casts Twisted Reflection and the rarer Mark of Kazzak on random people.

What to do here:
Send your main tank in and let him build some aggro for a short while, just enough so he won't come at you the first time you cast something on him. Then unload. Have your DPS classes give him everything they have. Priests have to be extra mindful about the magical debuff he casts on your group. It has to be removed as soon as possible or the attempt will soon end in a disaster. Priests are also in charge of healing their groups thanks to that Shadowbolt Volley that keeps hitting everyone all the time. Mages need to be on top of the curse situtation. Mark of Kazzak can and will cause a wipe if you let it go off on you. Dispel the curse as soon as you can. All casters should also leave about 1000 mana in their mana pool just in case he casts the curse on you. That'll give the mages four seconds to dispel before it goes off. In other words, 1000 mana is out of mana in this raid encounter. Also, anyone dying during the fight is not an option. Unless it happens during the first five seconds of the fight, you've failed already. Do not use grounding totems, pets or other small things he can kill for the 70,000 health heal.

Your group will have exactly three minutes to finish the demon off. If you fail to kill him in that time due to lack of DPS, people dying or not dispelling Twisted Reflection properly, Lord Kazzak will enter what is called the supreme mode. Named after his yell once it triggers, the supreme mode causes him to cast his Shadowbolt every second. That's 800-1000 DPS on everyone, kids, and that means a wipe.

4. Combine the 3 items. Once you have all 3 items, combine them to form your new epic staff, Anathema/Benediction. Using one form of the staff will change it to the other and visa versa. Congratulations! You're completed your Priest epic quest!

Update: With the 1.8 patch, the staff can now be successfully enchanted. Only one enchantment can be applied to the staff. You cannot have one enchantment per side.

Update 3/28/06: From Indanak on the Bloodscalp Server:

We have a group of 4 priests: Flathra, Moonora, Feoria and myself. We selected one priest ( Feoria ) to accept the quest (we all were able to join the quest with her). The other 3 of us stood on the hill with the NPC. We didnt move and were able to heal the humans as they walked towards us. So we had 4 people healing them at once. Only 2 humans died and we all got the Splinter of Nordrassil.

Key Points:
Can only heal and abolish disease on humans.
CANNOT heal party members or a boss spawns and tears everyone to shreds.
the 3 members who are on the hill cannot move.

Written by Cherry on 2006-12-24 22:59:42just did this quest, peasant hp bar still can be seen via these 2 functions:

Shift-V now shows friendly targets only, not enemies (with a new bindable hotkey.)
Control-V shows both friendly targets and enemy targets (with a new bindable hotkey.)

just need to check to make sure you have them key binded. =)
One really think it's impossible... esp
Written by Wah on 2006-12-03 19:38:54It took me 4 tries to figure out the way to do this, and 2 tries to make it work. I'm assumed that you already got your eyes and all... and before hand, I need to make it clear that I bought my eye of shadow for 200g and got my eye of divinity by luck cause everyone already got it. I have 1 piece of tier 0 gear, no epic, and just a tinderhaven staff. Lousy equipment. Btw, you can't have anyone around to help, solo only or a Demon will come out and wipe everyone with 1 hit.

Here is how:

1. Oil immolation a must, hot key it use them often.
2. Bind key under "key bindings" so u can tab over to "Nearest friendly target".
3. Hot key abolish disease key next to heal.
4. Hot key renew (lvl 5) and Flash heal (lvl 4)
5. Major mana potion (with my lousy equipment, I ran out of mana and have to wait for buff to restore a little) Use Major mana potion early.
6. Hot key Holy Nova (I downgrade mine)
7. Greater intellect potion (+25wis)
8. Sunfruit juice (from Argent dawn merchant)

The order:

1. Abolish disease one first, then renew
2. See low hp, flash heal
3. Wait for skellies to gather, holy nova (u probably will use 4 nova in the whole process)
4. Keep oil of immolation once you see the skellies approach, but most of them died with 1 hit of holy nova.


1. Many said mechanical yeti helps, I didn't use it, but I'm sure it does, but make sure you give it couple try first so u know how the quest work.

2. Some said, don't waste mana on Holy Nova... it helps a lot because they are attack you and the villager, once they gathered, 1 hit of Holy Nova, they are all dead.

3. With my lousy equipment, I didn't even use any druid,pally or mage buff... so don't worry about it.

4. V key doesn't work anymore, you can't see the health bar, don't even waste your time. (that's why bind key on nearest friendly unit may help, but I ended up didn't use it)

5. Don't wait until they walk all the way before you turn around, toss the one that have health lower than half a renew and then start back to the cave.

6. Don't panic when the peasants started dropping... even 2 at a time, just focus on step 1: abolish disease and renew/flash heal depends on how low the health bar, once u toss a renew, u probably don't have to worry about it for a while.

Seriously, after the 1st 3 tries, I thought I couldn't do it because of my lousy equipment. It can be done. I have 7k mana and 3.5 health. I suggest you should try it 3-4 times to practice.

Good luck!

Happy Benediction owner

finishing the q w/o bored friends trying
Written by clearwarwe on 2006-11-11 05:09:29Great advice, thx for supplying this info! But don't feel depressed if you dont have all the equip etc that is mentioned on this site. I did this just now with my priest, and she is definitely not well geared. She has only the 3 armor items u get as "just compensation" (tier .5), the rest is blue. A decent amount of enchants on them, admittedly, but nothing fancy (I have only 260 in enchants, too lazy too lvl it standing on AH bridge :). I didnt even use my trinkets at all, since i was too stressed to think about it :)

As buffs go, I had only a mark of the wild on me (easy to get from nice ppl in IF even if u dont have friends online). In addition to my own, ofc. Potion-wise, i had 2 major mana (dont forget to use the first not too late, bc of the timer).

Here is how i did it. Bascially, i followed the advice on this site, with a few minor adjustments:

- I used fear on the skellies whenever they came at the same time as the peasants approached (if possible, natually). Saved me time to focus on curing peasants. It is really stressful to keep these farmers alive, since they die like flies when they get poisoned.
- I used mainly renew (apart from the standard abolish ofc), not flash heal if not really necessary (if they were on others die (and also i think it is waste of mana, since they stay alive from renew only). Thus (1) mark peasant (2) abolish (3) renew.. etc was my basic algorithm in this fight.

Notes on skellie-fighting
Even though i used holy nova on the skellies when they came back from the fearing and otherwise, i made sure there were a lot of them on me b4 bursting the nova. This is really important, bc it is a real mana-drainer if u use it too much. For single skellies or just a few, which i got quite a few of between the major skellie charges, i used my wand. They die on one shot only, ofc, and that saved me a lot of mana (so keep ur �shoot� on one of the numbered slots as well). Dont panic if u get hit, they deal out a small amount of mana and you can easily heal yourself if in urgent need. Saving mana is the key here, ofc, never forget it!

Notes on the papier-mach� farmers:
Obviously, start with the poisoned ones. In the beginning it is really hard to click on the right one. Put the camera a bit higher than normally helps out here, but also waiting a bit (but not too much since they ARE made of papier-mach� ). That is, they spread out quite fast, so after a while it is not hard to get the right one, abolish, renew and go to the next.
Next to the poison-clouded ones, the ones with the arrows in them need attention. Renew is sufficient here as well, for the most part. If you get any time in between poisoned and arrowed ones, go through the rest, but that is almost optional since this q keeps you busy enough even w/o that :)

Note that some WILL die, and that is fine. Almost 3 per wave is ok, so do not panic when u hear that "aaooh" sound. Just stay focused on the remaining ones: first the poisoned ones, then the ones getting a lot of arrows in them.

Finally, I recommend u to spend more time actually learning the quest by doing it (log in with another alt or something for 15 mins until it respawns) than going back to IF etc to get buffs and new potions of sorts. Mana pots are ofc essential here, but rest I think is a matter of learning the flow of the q. It is hard, but not impossible at all, to do on your own with half-bad equip.

/clearwater, stormreaver
A couple observations
Written by Raikanitchu on 2006-09-29 07:18:38Got my benediction last night. Woot. Here's a couple of things I learned.

First, your friends can AOE the melee skellies even though they can't see or target them. The cleaner won't come out as long as your friends stay off to the sides by where the skellies spawn. I had a mage and two priests with me last night doing AOE. I didn't have to worry about a single skelly. I just focused on healing. Even with that, it took two attempts to get it done. Tough quest.

Second, apparently the health bars don't show up on the ghost villagers. I have my name plate keys set up for V, shift V, and CTRL V. They work fine on players, other NPC's and typical mobs. But, I couldn't see them on my targets in this quest.

Turning off the text balloons in the interface option was another huge help the second time.
Did this quest
Written by Drien on 2006-09-14 10:16:23I just did this quest. It was really easy! The "v" thingie didnt work but I finished the quest on first try, with only my own buffs and I used NO pots.. Used bandage one time..
I got like 3,3k hp and like 6,3k mana.. Good luck too all trying :)
Written by Ypog on 2006-09-11 06:40:09The truth is, you can not see peasants' health with neither V, Shift+V nor Ctrl+V.I did this quest pre-1.12 on my first priest and I did it at first attempt, now I died at third peasants wave even though I popped desperate prayer and major mana pot and many oils of immolation.

Good luck, you gonna need it.
Read the patch notes!
Written by Skyri on 2006-09-06 23:39:25Why does it seems no one ever reads the patch notes? it is NOT true that you can no longer use V to see health. They have actually made it a whole lot easier if you bother to read the patch notes.

User Interface
- V key functionality has been improved in several ways.
V key now shows summoned monsters (such as the gargoyles in Stratholme.)
V key now shows both monsters and player enemies.
V now shows enemies only (no longer shows friendly targets.)

Shift-V now shows friendly targets only, not enemies (with a new bindable hotkey.)
Control-V shows both friendly targets and enemy targets (with a new bindable hotkey.)

See the part about shift and control V?

Have fun and GL!
Written by thekemist on 2006-08-29 08:20:59UPDATE: I completed this quest on 8/26/06 just after Patch 1.12 was released. There have been two significant changes with the new patch:

1) You can no longer "V" toggle on these mobs. There is no way to pull up the health bars above the peasants heads to aid in healing.

2) People who have already completed the quest can no longer see the peasants or skellies with their Spectral Essence.

The only effective way that I could find to rapidly scan through the mabs and successfully complete the quest was to bind "Target Nearest Friendly" to my Caps Lock key and tab through them as quickly as possible. I did complete the quest on my 4th try. No buffs but my own and no pots at all (I'm all blue with 1 purple, Holy Spec).

Good Luck!
Written by soulwind on 2006-08-05 13:52:55Notes:
First of first-Spectral Essence has been changed, for those of you who didn't know this, it now only works and occurs on Caer Darrow, so it cannot be used for this quest anymore.

Second: You must have the Eye of Divinity now to do this quest at all. Their's no skipping it now folks. You have to have the EOD and the EOS to make your staff, so might as well get to MC and get your EOD before you bother.

EOS: This now drops off demons, which yes, I can confirm since I got mine there last night. It is easier to get one off a demon than it is to get a group willing to try Kaz. (and suceed)

Written by eternal_star01 on 2006-08-04 04:42:39Holy Nova 3 worked amazingly, btw...Flash Heal 5 I found was sufficient for average healing gear and I used Cure disease rather than abolish.
Finally completed mine
Written by eternal_star01 on 2006-08-04 04:36:48At first, when I read that the 1.10 patch decreased the cooldown time to 15 minutes, I couldn't believe it, but it's true, yay.

So, it took me 6 or 7 tries to do the quest, though two of them weren't entirely my fault. On the second attempt, I lagged really bad, and by the time it was done, I'd lost too many peasants to bother. The 5th time, I logged back in to find another priest in the process of failing his quest, so we grouped up and he accidently healed me, which, of course, spawned the cleaner.'s what I found made the quest much simpler (besides having the second priest do half the job :P). When the wave first spawned, I took the V-targeting off their heads like someone previously suggested. It made targeting and curing the disease that much easier. Do that as fast as you possibly can, then get to healing right away. I failed many times because I thought healing took priority over curing the disease, but no. Healing is a waste of mana and time if you don't cure the disease.

With two priests, one stayed by the NPC, one did the running (me). I would do the inital disease curing, healing and skeleton killing. Once they hit the edge of the purple zone it was up to the second priest to make sure that group stayed disease free and healed while I took care of skeletons and waited for the next wave.

What I used...a Brilliant Mana Oil, 1 Greater Mana Pot, 1 Demonic Rune...buffs were Improved Fort, Divine Spirit, Inner Fire, Mark of the Wild and Moonkin Aura.

Selenitie, Ethereal Guardians
New NCP Respawn time and a few more hint
Written by Gunetero on 2006-06-29 00:56:37I've been very much apreciative of the feedback and help given by this page. I got myself all worked up that I wouldn't be able to do it on my first time and needed a large number of buffs.Well, I didn't do it on my first time, nor my second. It took me four tries but here is what I learned...

The quest giver respawn time is now more like 10-15 minutes instead of the two hours it was before. I logged my char out as soon as I failed to save some of the timers on my buffs. I changed to another char and did a couple of things and got ready to head to bed when I decided, "I'll just check to see if she respawned"... She had so I gave it another try and ran out of mana a second time and failed almost immediately. I'm not used to running out of mana that fast so I did some checking and discovered the following:

Use Holy Nova Rank 3 instead of Rank 6 (Which I had hotkeyed by default). The skellys will be killed in one blast. I probably could have used Rank 2 because of my Spirit talent but Rank 3 definately worked.
Downgrade Flash Heal to Rank 4 or 5 depending on how much +Healing gear you have. I had about +315 with the talent, buffs and gear.
Same goes for your Renew spell. The npcs you are healing don't have a ton of health anyway and the individual damage they take can be counteracted by rank 3-4. You can make up the difference with your Flash Heal.
Use Cure (Instant Cast) instead of Abolish. Not only is it less mana it's instant cast unlike Abolish.

I ended up using 2 mana pots during the quest still but I was able to get it done on my fourth try with a lot less buffs than when I did the first try.
No Longer Works
Written by chayla on 2006-06-24 12:54:13Spectral Essence no longer works to see the NPC in EPL for the Benediction quest. Confirmed today 6/24/06
BTW ...
Written by Chayla on 2006-06-16 09:57:33This is my second preist ...

So my second benediction I did without outside help (in case there is confusion).
Splinter does not disintegrate
Written by Chayla on 2006-06-16 09:56:04I got the EoD last night and had the splinter for about 3 weeks to a month now. I also had an EoS so when I received the EoD I crafted Benediction in Domo's Chambers ... Some of my guild mates didn't realize that I had the other 2 pieces and were shocked that you could get the Splinter without having the EoD.

Incidentally ... for all you guys that are buffing like there is no tomorrow? This can be done with only the buffs you have available to you as a priest. Try it "as intended" and you will feel so much better at gaining your reward. The first time I did it I was buffed and had another priest there. This time, I told no one and I went alone and did it ... the sense of accomplishment was greater and the reward sweeter this time knowing I did it by myself.
Written by Lafonda on 2006-06-10 22:23:44What you heard is completely untrue. I still have my splinter and I did the quest about a week ago.
Splinter of Nordrassil....conjured?!
Written by stavfx on 2006-06-10 06:23:57i heard somewhere that the Splinter of Nordrassil, the reward from this quest, disappears after you log-out, hearth, zone... so unless you have the 2 eyes to combine it right when you finish it's a waste of time...
it sounds weird to me, since it doesn't say anything like that on the tooltip of the item. can anyone testify for having the splinter for a while before combining it into the staff?
Written by stavfx on 2006-06-05 14:34:13ah yes! that was it! i was later able to see her! thx
Written by Lafonda on 2006-06-05 09:56:03She was probably despawned from some one failing the quest. When people the fail the quest she despawns for two hours.
Eye of Shadow
Written by Lafonda on 2006-06-05 09:53:13You do NOT need the Eye of Shadow equipped to see the questgiver. I only had the Spectral Essence equipped and was able to see her. My coordinates were 20,18 and I went back to check today just to make sure I wasn't giving people wrong info. I could once again see the questgiver. She is not at the entrance of the cave, so maybe you just missed her? I even equipped the Eye of Shadow AND the Spectral Essence at the same time and could see her.
Written by stavfx on 2006-06-05 08:57:56update on my post below, i tried going to the quest giver with Spectral Essence and The Eye of Shadow equipped. nothing.
Spectral Essence...O RLY?!
Written by stavfx on 2006-06-05 04:48:33i was excited to hear you can use the trinket before you get the eye of divinity, so i went to the spot, had my trinket equipped and...nothing! i couldn't see the quest giver!
should i have the eye of shadow equiped or something for that?
Written by Lafonda on 2006-06-01 02:28:38Under what I used, it should be inner focus not inner fire.
Yes, you can use the spectral essence.
Written by Lafonda on 2006-06-01 02:24:45I would like to confirm that you can use the Spectral Essence to complete the quest "The Balance of Light and Shadow" and recieve the Splinter of Nordrassil. Of course, you still need the Eye of Divinity to complete the staff, but for an impatient person like me, having the splinter makes me sit a lot easier

I would also like to confirm that any priest who has the Spectral Essence or Eye of Divinity equipped is able to heal and cure the peasants with no penalty. I had a priest friend equip his Spectral Essence and take over healing and curing the peasants once I reached the ghost priest. I would then run back to the front of the cave to get a head start for the next wave of peasants. Considering how easy this was, I'm sure the help of my friend wasn't even needed.

Whoever decided to use holy nova rank 3 is a genius! It's easy to get flustered and fumble around for your oil of immolation, but holy nova made it so much easier to concentrate because the skellies were dead immediately. I did not use one oil of immolation the entire time.

My following buffs were:
Mark of the Wild
Arcane Intellect
Cerebral Cortex Compound (+50 int)
Headmaster's Charge (+20 int This buff stacks with any intellect buff. Good luck finding some one with the staff to give you the charge though :P)
Power Word: Fortitude
Inner Fire

I used:
1 Major mana potion
1 Dark Rune
Inner Fire (can't go wrong)
Desperate Prayer (this is a given if you have the spell)

Good luck to anyone who attempts this!

60 Dwarf Priest
My experiences and video!
Written by shaftscaliber on 2006-05-26 16:55:39First I want to say thanks to all the people that did this quest before me and put in their time and energy to do write up's...they all really helped a lot. Thanks!

After about 4 months (literally) of killing Domo over and over he only dropped 1 (yes ONE) eye and 13 leaf's (grrr!!!!). The 1 that dropped went to a priest before me because he was going for +mana/5 gear and didn't want all the prophecy pieces. Anyways...I finally got my eye from last night's raid (and we downed Rag for the first time - only our 3rd or 4th "real" attempt too!) and decided I was going to get my well deserved staff finally.

When the event started, my heart was beating fast (haha no really it was!) I was all nervous...I told myself I was going to try beating the quest without letting ANY of the peasants die, but I'm not sure if that's even possible. I know for sure that if I do it again, I'd do a lot better...but I guess I can't really complain seeing as I beat it on my first try :) I think 3 or so peasants died very early on because I just didn't cure their diseases fast enough.

Some parts were getting pretty hectic (like how the health bars were moving ALL over the place hehe..I'd go to heal or cure disease one then it's heath bar would move all the way to the other side), but it was still pretty damn easy overall.

I busted out my Mechanical Yeti that I've been saving for like 6 months (no lie!) and I figured he was going to mow down all the skeletones...but I'm not even sure if the little bastard helped...grrr!

I had quite a few buffs but they were all from myself except for motw from a druid.

I hope my fellow priests take pride in themselves and do this SOLO because doing it with other priests or with a group buffing you while you're playing is just plain lame!

Use Spectral Essence if you don't have
Written by dags on 2006-05-18 09:34:10I just completed the "Balance of Light and Shadow" without having the Eye of Divinity. Instead, I equipped the "Spectral Essence" trinket from the Eva Sarkhoff scholo quest chain to see the quest giver in EPL.

Here are a few points worth noting from my successful run:

1. I did it solo with no help whatsoever. The key is using the right spells (abolish disease, renew rank 4 on the peasants), and dispensing with the skellies quickly. The key there is Holy Nova rank 3, and periodic Oil of Immolation.

2. Don't get flustered. Toggle "V" off to make selecting diseased peasants a little easier, take care of them first, then watch the health of the others. When the skellies pop, forget about the peasants and get rid of the skellies quickly.

3. A single rank 4 renew on peasants around 50% health was generally sufficient to keep them alive through the walk.

4. Don't stay with the groups too long. Once your abolishes and renew are up on the worst peasants, let them go as they approach the ghost priest. You need to get back to the next group quickly to tend to the deseased peasants right away.

Overall, a nerve-racking event that bested me twice before I finally heeded the good advice I read here, and in other forums. I must stress, however, that this is possible alone. You don't need anyone to help you if you manage your mana, get rid of the skellies, and don't over-heal.

Buffs and Items I used:

1. Fort
2. Spirit
3. Shadow Protection
4. Elixer of Greater Intellect (1)
5. Brilliant Mana Oil (1 charge)
6. Oil of Immolation (used 6)
7. Sagefish Delight ( for another +6 mana/5 sec)

I had 7600 mana, +253 healing.

Good luck.

NE priest, suramar
Got my staff!
Written by Elixis on 2006-04-07 06:54:13Well I know the last guy said it, but yes use Rank 3 Holy Nova. The oil is not really needed. Keep a few incase since it doesnt use mana.

Get the buff from felwood (Cleansed Songflower) and even maybe the intellect buff (Cerebral Cortex Compound) off Burning Stepps quest. (yeah i really hate that quest.)

I used 1 mana pot. 2 whipper roots (Cleansed Whipper Root) from felwood. 1 demonic rune. 2 berries and used my inner focus (free spell cant go wrong).

Ive seen some people use flash heal. Others use renew. Both seem to work fine. I used a rank 8 renew on all peasents when they were at half life. Worked good for me. Just make sure to conserver your mana and youll be fine. Be patient as well. focus on the task and before you know it youll be done!

1.10 patch
Written by TheEllna on 2006-04-04 11:23:39I FINALLY completed this last night just in time for our ZG run. One thing I haven't seen mentioned here which helped me immensely during this quest was using a mere rank 3 holy nova (which is now spammable) which 1-shots the melee ud that attack you. Saved myself lots of mana vs. rank 6 and only used 1 mana pot. Also only used 4 oils of imm and probably didn't even need them.

How i did it/multi priests
Written by pattimus on 2006-03-27 06:33:05I obtained the Eyes, and decided to go for the quest saving the peasants in EPL. I did that part of the quest on March 26, 2006, patch 1.9.

I tried two times solo, and failed miserably both times. I am spec'd with Holy Nova, which is wonderful in wiping out the skellies. Too bad the archers are immune to everything, including Shackle Undead.

The time I succeeded, there were three other priests that showed up that also needed the quest. This is due to the fact that it was Sunday morning and alot of guilds do Sat night MC runs. We developed a strategy, and we succeeded.

Basically, the other three priests stood on top of the hill by the NPC and did not move. However, they were able to heal the peasants with no adverse effects at all. I started the quest, the others got the prompt to join also. I then ran to the cave and would abolish disease and cast renew (rank 5) on them, and a low level of flash heal (4 or so) on the ones that were really critical. After about 10 seconds, they were now within healing range of the other priests on the hill, who took over the healing and got them safely to the destination. It is important to remember that the other priests CAN NOT heal you or touch the skellies!

I killed all the skellies. I think if the other priests would have touched the skellies, it would have summoned the named that squishes you. I used Holy Nova (rank 2) which easily wiped them out, and used less mana than rank 3. Too bad about the 30 sec cooldown. I also used two Strat Holy Waters when it got bad between cooldowns, and had Oil of Immolation in my system the entire time. I used Fear on the skeleton warriors once to get them off the peasants, and to gain their aggro. PW: Shield was up the whole time.

As far as potions are concerned, I don't remember the name of everything I used, but I did use an Elixir of Superior Defense, Mighty Troll's Blood Potion (+health regen), some potion that gave me +12 mana regen/5sec, Elixir of the Sages, and some food that gave me mana regen. I downed one major mana pot in the fight, and ended with about 60% mana. I had to heal myself just once with a top rank renew.

Solo, this quest is hard. If you are unable to do it, you could always camp the area like I did and wait for help to show up. In the end, you end up the uber priest staff, which is well worth the hours I spent in EPL waiting for the NPC spawn.

When 1.10 comes out, this will be super easy.... renew, spam Holy Nova.

Proudmoore Server
60 Holy/Disp Priest
a shadow priest's perspective
Written by vbrokop on 2006-02-26 19:08:3702/26/06

i have just completed this quest after the 4th try. if you're a shadow priest, you will find what i have to write here valuable.

firstly, it seems that everyone in the above posts who have had an easy time of it have been healbot spec, and as a pvp shadow priest, am the farthest from. i have a very small mana pool and thus, rely on mana/5sec gear when in MC and healbot or dispelbot duty.

crystal spire
crystal ward
inner fire

i used only 8 oil of immolations throughout the fight. i also had my mechanical yeti help. for potions, i used 2 major mana, 1 superior mana, 1 demonic rune, and 1 whipper tuber.

there are three extremely important things to remember during this event:
1) pressing V to display npc health bars are as much help as hindrence, due to their unpredictable nature; they hop all over the place in a very chaotic fashion and easily lead to frustration. this is THE reason i failed it three times. use them, but know when to toggle. this is the sole reason i suggest running through the event a couple of times before using any consumables to get the hang of it.
2) DO NOT delay in getting back to the cave entrance. i had a habit my first couple trys of staying with the previous waves until they were 100% safe, which is simply the wrong thing to do. once the next wave spawns, you have to leave the others be and hike it up there to dispel/renew and gain skeleton aggro through use of oil of immolation.
3) continually be doing *something*... whether it be popping a potion or dispeling or renewing; targets that had more than 50% health i renewed with rank 6.

i did not cast any rank of flash heal once during the fight.

i had a measly +68 healing for the event but chose this specific set of gear because it gave me 81 mana per 5 seconds. since you're within the 5-second rule almost the entire event, this seemed to me to be the best way to go. if you don't have sufficient amount of mp5 gear, use your +healing gear and lower-ranked spells.

for us shadow priests, it's more of a challenge due to our reduced mana pool, but it's certainly doable. good luck.
Written by buckfast on 2006-02-18 14:36:51As of half an hour ago, the quest was still doable with multiple priests grouped as long as the extra priests stand on the hill and do nothing............that was my job, a big thanks to Hrarmge for doin such a great job in the event!

We also had to ungrouped druids sitting at the cave entrance in bear form and with thorns on, they took alot of the skellies out of the game and didn't interfere with the event.
For those asking about Shaman Help
Written by nachinnici on 2006-02-11 10:24:45Ok, since the question has been asked several times without an answer on whether or not Shaman's totems can help with this quest like Paladin Aura's do, I decided to find the answer for all you Horde players out there.

The short answer is yes they can buff you without ruining the quest.

More detailed...
They must pretty much stay by the quest giver, they can't move. They can continually cast non-offensive totems (Stoneskin, Mana Tide, etc.) and they will stay out of combat. The problem is that the range of the things is pretty crappy and by the time you get to where you have led your peasants to where the buffs effect you, it's pretty much time to run up and start healing the new group.

One more thing to add that is helpful since it is new as of the 1.9 patch is get some Mana Oil for you weapon, Enchanters can make this and it is a mana per 5 second buff for 30 min.
Engineering Pets
Written by Bulazindi on 2006-02-02 23:08:41I have a couple of questions. First, are in "In Combat" the whole time for the quest, or is it possible to change out trinkets, etc in the middle. Second, (and somewhat correspondingly) I have heard of people using mechanical yetis, is it possible to use Engineering pets, or would that bring out the cleaner? Thanks!
UI help
Written by durrin on 2006-01-26 23:42:44i'm having trouble targeting the bars \for the epic staff quest does anyone know of a UI addon that makes the bars move around less or puts them into a table form or anything along those lines any help would be good ty
Tassadar @ ZdC
Written by Guest on 2005-12-22 08:14:41well...
I don�t know if someone mentioned it yet..
But I got my Eye of Shadow from the demons in Winterspring by the help of a paladin in my guild
Just make sure the demon AND you have the manaregen-thing and you easily can make it a long time without trinking something
Uhm...maybe I should say that you should heal the pala only with greater heal and renew ;)
after ~100demons it dropped for me..
looking forward for the other eye *hrhr*
benediction...I�m comming!!
Written by Guest on 2005-12-21 13:39:51evryones talking about how they managed the solo bit with saving peasants etc, but surely the hard bit is killing all those lvl?? bosses and summoning Major Domo (and getting his chest) And then getting the other eye from krazzak (i think) . seems like this'll take forever..?
My Story
Written by Guest on 2005-12-21 10:15:25Technically it took me two attempts, but the first failure wasn't my fault.

Attempt 1: I was fully raid buffed with all 60 minute buffs by guildies after we left MC including 45 minutes left on Flask of Distilled Wisdom. The NPC was despawned (aka someone failed the quest before I got there) I waited for about 40 minutes by myself and then Vicci came out to make certain I was in the right are for the NPC and showed me the exact spot of where I could find her. My buffs all started to die out, so Vicci and I hearthed back to IF.

I was gonna log out, but figured WTF I'd already wasted nearly an hour camping, might as well go camp some more. So, I asked a Druid for some paw and a Mage for some smarts and hopped on the Grif. I came out of the tunnel and, "Woot!" there was the NPC. So I started the quest.

I was on my sixth wave of peasants and had only let about 5-7 die so far (meh, they looked like Rogues ) When a Priest-who-shall-remain-nameless came out of the tunnel and "The Cleaner" came out and sent us to the graveyard in about 5 seconds flat. Some have suggested that I was griefed, but being the kindhearted person I am, I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt. But, the person didn't come back for they're body or apologize either. Oh well not to big a deal.

Attempt 2: I logged out the night before rebuffed after the failed attempt. So I was prepped with GotW, AB, along with my own Divine Spirit and Improved Power Word Fortitude. I made the attempt at about 5:45am hoping to avoid a repeat of the night before. Equipment that I brought that I don't normally carry. 27xOil of Immolation, 9xCrystal Charge, 5xEz-Thro Dynamite II

I almost died once from being so intent on the peasants, Desparate Prayer saved my butt! The sixth wave was right next to the cave and I had just started to cure them and the quest ended in success. In total I only used about 6 Oils, 2 Dynamite, 2 Charges and 1 Major Mana. My Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon card procc'd once.

I had my hotbar setup as follows:
1: Abolish Disease
2: Renew (Rank 6)
3: Renew (Rank 9)
4: Cure Disease

I was wearing about +210 healing.

My basic strategy was to rush to a wave as soon as they came out of the cave. Any peasant that was purple got targeted and Abolish Disease dropped on them. Once noone had the purple glow then I'd drop a couple Renew9 on the ones near death and then Renew6 as needed. All while slowly walking backwards to the NPC I'd pop a Renew6 when it looked needed and dropped a Cure Disease if some got the green yuck. Whenever I'd see the next wave I'd rush up and repeat. I used the Oils and rushed into the fray when the skellies came and on the big rushes of them I used Charge/Dynamite...I highly recommend the Charges, they decimate the skellies fast! I think I lost maybe 2-3 peasants on this attempt

Well, Long post, but since many more of our Allies and Guildmates will be doing this; I figured I'd put my thoughts into words in the hopes that this might be useful down the road for some of you.

Many thanks to all those that offered advice and buffs! Special thanks to Lascivia for only having 20 points last night

'Resa - 60 Priest -
warrior is needed
Written by Guest on 2005-12-19 22:55:56have a warroir stand in the purple spot with thorns on and just throw e/z throw 2 dynamie at him or use immolation oil if needed.

it took me

3 immoalation oil ( you may need more if they get pulled off the warrior)
4 EZ 2 throw dynamite
1 major mana pot
1 dark rune
2 mana pots would have woked allot better

buffs/ aura's you should have

arcane intelect, i just had a frined give me the 1h buff in IF
a pally using retribution aura
and optionaly a warlock for stamina buff and fire shield
essence of pure flames would be an uber trinket to have for this but its not needed

I only needed to heal myself 3 times the whole fight. Also dont be affraid to use a flash heal on them if there low but use a rank 3-5 they dont have much health so rank 6-7 is way overkill and just using up mana. Always focus on the ones that are glowing puple or green using abolish disease then immediatly put renwe after abolish disease. There will be some in the start that are diseased and some that werent diseased will become diseased as they walk allong.

As soon as u see them all dissapear in a flash of grean get ready for the next wave as they already spawned.

If you have a decent amount of + healing you can easily get away with lower rank renews essprcially for the once that have more then 1/2 hp. But if u have 2 mana pots and either a dark rune or night dragons breath you are fine using the rank 9 renew.

i layed out my hotkeys 1) flash heal rank 6 2) abolish disease 3) renew rank 6 4) renew rank 9

i got it on my first try i was soo happy :) I think it was like 4-5 waves and i only lost 4.

I got 22 int on it because i cant afford 55 healing or 30 spellpower atm
Balance of Light and Shadow
Written by Guest on 2005-12-15 17:28:47I just did the Eye of Divinity quest (Balance of Light and Shadow) as a 26 disc/25 holy priest, with zero epics, and no more than 3 tier 0 set pieces. Second try. Roughly 3500 hitpoints and 5700 mana.

Got close a few times but in the end it turned out ok.

Roughly 15 Immolation pots, 1 major health potion and 1 major mana. I also used the Mechanical Yeti which turned out to be an invaluable help. Go go, Gadget Yeti!

My only buff was my own PW F. In retrospect, remembering to use Inner Fire probably would've helped, but still, I pulled through.

Like many others, I found that a one step down rank renew was sufficent to keep the peasants alive. No flash heals except on myself during a few critical parts.

Lots of V-toggling as well as walking behind the peasants.

Best of luck.
Written by Guest on 2005-12-14 21:26:40Obtaining the splinter or Nordassil: You must have the eye of divinity eqipped

Locating the quest: Cross the bridge into Eastern Plaguelands, turn left immediately, go over the hillocks, ride north along the river to terrorweb tunnel. Go through the tunnel, then bear left, walk along the ridge, and you will spot the NPC on a mound to the right. A smaller cave, in front of which the event begins, lies beyond her. Remember you can't see NPC without eye of divinity equipped.

Preliminary preparations:This quest is easier if you are holy specced and have holy nova. You should carry at least 25 oil of immolation potions. This quest is easier if you recieve AI buff from mage before going, but not necessary. You should punch "V" on keyborad to see health bars of peasant targets. Hot keys should include decursive, lvl 9 renew, and holy nova if you have it. A mana potion and major health potion may be helpful.

Procedure: After you receive the quest, move quickly to the mouth of the cave where peasants spawn. They spawn in 5 groups of 10.

1st wave; Peasants attacked by hunter skeles on hills around area. They will receive physical damage from this, but also, some will be diseased. Disease looks either green or blue aura. Blue disease is very bad and should be dispelled as quickly as possible. These peasants also walk faster. Dispel and then cast lvl 9 renew. Next targets are those with green disease. Dispel. Then renew peasants with health bars under 40%. Follow them as they walk away from cave. Do not overheal. In first wave try to lose fewer than 3 peasants, but dont get flustered if/when one dies.

Second wave. As you get near NPC with first wave, glance back to see second wave of peasants. As soon as you see them go back to help them. On second wave, skeles will run to group and attack it with physical damage, this in addition to hunters on hills. Again, dispel disease first. Try to aggro the running skeles to yourself. If peasants aggro them they will stop to fight and get separated from the group. This is bad. At this point use holy nova and begin popping immolation pots. Also shield yourself.

When the second wave reaches safety with you accompanying them, you will be attacked by skeles before you begin to run back to the third group. Do not fight them! If you do, you will be too far from third wave of peasants to heal them, and too many will die. Instead, shield yourself, take an oil of immolation potion, and get back as quickly as possible to the third wave. Once there, continue to do all you can to aggro the skeles, and use holy nova at that time if it is available. Make sure oil of immolation is on at all times here.

In the final two waves, skeles may attack at several points in the walk, generally close to where the peasants spawn. Again, try to get them to fight you, not the peasants. keep an eye on your own health, and take a health pot if shield is not enough.

Bottom line: Dont overheal. A peasant who is not diseased and who has more than 60% health at the start of the walk will probably make it. At the end of the walk NPC may also heal the group, which adds a margin of safety. Keep calm, and have fun!
Written by Guest on 2005-12-14 06:17:23And one more comment to my post below.

I didn't have any prophecy parts when doing this! I had mainly devout, spiritshroud leggings and other standard "blues". Hide of the wild was my only epic when doing this. I also had about 7k mana when I was buffed for this quest! So you don't need uber gear to make it!

/Merenwen (Svea guild, Twillights hammer)
I made it!
Written by Guest on 2005-12-14 06:13:27Yesterday i finally made the quest after my fourth try, the first two attempts wasn't serious at all, no buffs and so on, just to get a feel of it...

I failed my third attempt because I ran out of mana and too many peasants died. The reason for this was a bad specc i think + I used a too high rank of renew (rank 7). I also followed the first wave too long which made alot of ppl in the second wave die. When attempting this the third time i was shadow specced, ofc you can make this quest if you are shadow but the problem was I hadn't specced fully into Mental Agility which means all my instant spells cost more. And that is a big problem here because you mainly use renew and abolish disease! I figured it would be more expensive to keep trying in shadow specc than just doing one respec to holy/disc and then making the quest on the first attempt!

So... I specced 31/20/0. I specced full mental strength and mental agility + full improved inner focus. I then spececd meditation all the way down to divine spirit. And don't forget Inner Focus, it's a lifesaver. I did not specc holy nova, the oil of immolations does it's work so I believe you don't need holy nova. In holy make sure you specced improved renew and spiritual healing. I also wanted to try this heavy discipline build for a couple of weeks while playing MC thats also why I didnt specc a "useless" holy nova build.

The quest was so much easier after doing this! My mana did not run out like before. This is exactly what I did. And I want to point out that I only used buffs and stuff that was easy to get from AH and so on. No whipped roots and so on! So for the lazy ppl like me this is a good way:

I got a 60 min buff from a druid in IF. I also bought the +25 int potion from AH. Thats all buffs i got! I also used fortiude and divine spirit on myself.

Nothing fancy, only Major mana potions (I used 2 or 3 during the quest)!
I also asked a warlock in my guild to give me 3 healthstones.
And ofc oil of immolations (used 15), I didn't have any strat holy water!

I then went to do the quest and i made it!

I almost only used Renew (rank 6) and Abolish Disease. It's alot easier you don't really have time to use flash heals all the time. You can use a flash heal (rank 4) if someone is close to dying. Other than that only renew. Use 'V' to show healthbars and if someone gets a disease, turn them off with 'V' so you can easily target the green guys and abolish disease. When you see purple peasant dispell and renew them as fast as you can! Use oil of immolation as soon as you hear or see skeletons appearing. Also walk behind the peasant and get the skeletons in your back. This makes it easier to see the peasant healthbars. You can also try moving the camera to a "bird view" which also makes things easier. When the groups get close to the NPC turn around quickly to see if a new group has spawned. If they have, hurry back!

Thats all i did and it worked. I also drank the Mana Potions as soon as I could and used the healthstones when my health got low. Between the stones cooldown I used Inner Focus + Greater Heal on myself. Which means you heal yourself for 2500+ for free! After that use healthstone again!

Hope this info helps! /Merenwen (Svea guild, Twillights hammer)
The EASY Way
Written by Guest on 2005-12-13 13:35:03 I am a Shadow Spec Dwarf priest, with nice pvp gear, but poor pve gear, so that means I have a very small mana pool. I did this quest last night for my third time. And was successful.

1st try: I tried with a couple buffs, but didn't hit my Oils of immolation enough so I died.

2nd try: I got a few buffs and a pally in party. I didn't run back to next wave soon enough so I failed.

3rd try: I brought my pally friend and got him in party. I also found 2 other priest there so I invited them to party. I had the 2 other priests stand on the npc and not move. I had the pally stand in front of the cave opening with Retribution Aura on and not move. All of the priests accepted the quest. Once it began it was total cake because about 90% of the skeletons just aggroed the paladin and died from the aura. The paladin cannot see them but does take damage so he can just sit there and heal himself. No one other than myself moved or casted (other than pally healing himself only) so the cleaner never came. With this setup the quest if rather easy. I used 2x major mana pots and 4 oils of immolation. I had ai, motw, kings, and fort.

The paladin could be substitued out for a druid, warrior, priest, or shaman with oils of immolation.
Mage Assistance
Written by Guest on 2005-12-13 10:37:27My friend Mjolli (earthen ring) had tried this question numerous times and failed. The cleaner came once and she'd tried this a couple times with a priest friend helping. The pally buffs from 2 pally friends helped a bit too, but it wasn't until I offered to help that she found success.

2 Paladin Buffs, 1 Arcane Int - 1 priest at the edge of the mage spell blizzard's range.

She did her thing and as a Mage I just watched from the hill where the NPC supposedly is (being a mage I have no idea what she was seeing). Whenever things got ugly and you can tell by what she was casting I would toss a blizzard around her and the skeletons supposedly would be hit by it and go down. She completed the quest first try. No oil of immolation and only 1 mana potion used. The mage spell blizzard apparently helped her alot. She said afterwards that when the fight was just about to go bad, Xetrov was there with his blizzard to save the day.

xetroV - level 60 Steampowered Gnomish Archwizard

(Earthen Ring)
challenging but easy
Written by Guest on 2005-12-13 06:43:13i did this on my second attempt the key is 1.RENEW!!! 2.ABOLISH DISEASE these two spells will get u the staff:D i used 13 oil of immolations, priest buffs and +25 intellect potion. its fucking annoying when u fail becasue the reward is soo awesome.If u dont have at least 10 oil of immolations dont bother trying, be patient, get them (15/20 to be safe) and then try. i was very happy when i finally got the staff and now have+22 int on benedctiona and anathema. hope this helps (Gustov, bloodfeather)
Written by Guest on 2005-12-12 03:26:40Took me a few tries (wasn't removing poisons on failed attempts, priest is not my main :p ), used about 12 immolation potions (and thunderbrews boot flask!!), 2 major mana potions and a superior mana potion. I had mark of wild and AI buff.... I used "v" and it was confusing at parts when skeleton
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