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Open Water Class at Breakwater

I spent the weekend with instructors Ron, Harry, Ryan, divemaster Orr and divemaster candidates Eric, Brad and Will getting 7 students trained as open water divers. We did dives 1 and 2 on Saturday and dives 3 and 4 on Sunday. The vis was crap (3-5 feet) and the water was cold (45°F). The air temp was fine 65-70°F. Because we had an odd number of students, I volunteered to be the partner for Kanda.

Dive 1
Depth 26 feet for 26 minutes
Weight 30 lbs.
Surface interval 1:59

Dive 2
Depth 33 feet for 28 minutes

Set the float at 19 feet

Dive 3
Depth 22 feet for 35 minutes
Surface interval 1:48

Dive 4
Depth 22 feet for 21 minutes

Posted at 06/08/08 on 2008/06/08 by Stephen - Category: Northern California Diving -
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