Delta Cruise with Friends

Posted on May 31, 2009 by Stephen

We were back in town this weekend, so there was no reason not to go boating. We picked up some food the night before (beer, cheese, chips, bean dip, salami) and Michelle made breakfast burritos which we wrapped up in foil to warm in the morning. We had a lot of stuff to get onto the boat this time. We had ordered a replacement tow mirror which will fit our 1.25 inch thick windshield, first aid kit, spare drain plug and other things. We picked up two of our friends and headed out to get the boat. They had bought us a present--the Big Bobber floating cooler. We made our way to Orwood by a different path. We climbed the Altimont Pass on 580, got off on Grant Line Rd, turned left onto Mtn. House Rd., left on HWY 4 and on to Orwood.

During our prep time, we took the USCG Auxiliary free safety inspection. We passed! Now we have our boat safety sticker. That was 20 minutes well spent. The USCG Aux. warned us that on Saturday 60 citations were issued on the water including some boats being boarded. Later on during the day, I spoke with a USCG boat patrolman and he said they had 10 boats on the water along with the sheriff's boats. Well boating season has officially started--let's keep it safe on the water. Michelle and Lynda were on the boat when I started the launch sequence. Sam helped get the boat launched and jumped on-board when they had cleared the dock. I drove the truck and trailer to the parking lot do do some quick maintenance. I had ordered a new bow roller, the other roller had completely cracked through, which I had to install after the boat was launched.

I called Michelle on her cellphone to come pick me up. She instructed me to go to the otherside of the store to the fuel dock. There was definitely a lot less traffic in that area. With practiced skill, Michelle came to the fuel dock and picked me up. Now, the fun can begin. Our plan from the start was to cruise over to Victoria Canal and make our way to Union Point Resort. They have a nice dock with plenty of room for busy delta days. They serve pizza-by-the-slice, burgers, other edibles and liquor. We tied up and went in to have some food. Sitting outside was great; watching skilled boat drivers maneuver their boats into some tight spots was worth the price of food and drinks. One of the local dock-dogs was making its way between tables looking for handouts. When no one gave the dog any food it went down to the dock and started boarding boats looking for food--this black lab was not afraid of anyone's personal property. When we left, the sheriff had stopped a PWC and was probably giving them an inspection.

We made our way north on Middle River to Ski Beach and turned into Woodward Canal back to Discovery Bay. We entered the No Wake Zone at Disco Bay and flagged down the sheriff. We asked if there was an "Anchoring Restriction" in our favorite spot. The sheriff said there wasn't as long as we were not in the heavy traffic zone. So we dropped anchor behind some tule reeds and played in the water for a couple of hours. We soaked up the sun and breeze while snaking on chips and dip. The Big Bobber floating cooler was great when we were in the water. The time to head in came too soon.

Michelle drove me back to the fuel dock and dropped me off. I got in line to retrieve our boat. With Sam on the dock helping to guide the boat on, the retrieval went smoothly. I had made a mistake though. I had attached the winch line over the bow roller instead of under. So I had to get back in line and re-retrieve the boat the right way. This little maneuver went well and we were off to go clean the boat and put it back into storage.
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