Houseboat Weekend

Posted on August 14, 2009 by Stephen

Michelle met me at work around 1:30pm on Friday. I didn't get a chance to get out to our boat to remove the snap-covers, but since we were leaving earlier than usual, we had time to get the boat prep'ed. There was a slim chance that we would not be able to go our usual route due to the fire in the hills near Corral Hallow Rd. I had mapped out several alternate routes. Normally, we head east on 580 and take the Westley Exit to Grayson all the way to Keyes and HWY 99 and then Monte Vista.
1) 580 to I5 to 132 to 99 to Keyes Rd to Montpelier/Oakdale

2) Vasco Rd to Camino Diablo, left on Byron Hwy, Rt Hwy 4, Lft S. Fresno Ave, take I5/LA ramp to Stay on Hwy 4 to get to 99S

3) Vasco Rd exit and back under freeway, Rt on Northfront Rd which become the old Altamont which becomes W. Grant Line rd., Rt on W. Byron Rd, Lft. W. Grant Line Rd to Hwy 205, I5, 120 and 99S.

The first option assumes 580 and Altamont pass are open. It really is for us to have alternates to using Westley. The second option runs us toward Orwood and uses HWY 4 to get us to 99S. Last, the old Altamont may not be closed and it will run us into Tracy to pick us the 205. I will keep any eye out for HWY closures. I would like to avoid heading south on 101 to 152 because that puts us way south of Atwater.

Michelle's uncle had a buddy and his girlfriend on board to paint the upper deck railing. So we spent the night getting to know our boat mates on Friday night. Late Saturday, Phil and his family came up to spend the night too. It was great having everyone on board.
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