Labor Day Houseboat Weekend

Posted on September 04, 2009 by Stephen

My wife and I took Friday off so that we could hitch-up our boat and pull it without all of the Labor Day traffic. We got started around 10:00am. The pull over to Lake McClure was easy and no serious events took place. This was going to be a small family reunion for the Schibers.
We prepared the boat at the closest parking area; we stored all of our sleeping gear, food and other houseboat necessities. The boat ramp was almost empty when we launched. I have to remember to get the boat's outdrive into the water so that Michelle can start the engine before I unhook the boat. Just one more day of learning.

When we go out to the houseboat, we proceeded to kick all of the water toys into the water and tie them off to the posts. We unlocked the houseboat and got all of our gear on-board. Then it was cleaning time. I scrubbed the decks with a broom and lake water to remove the bird poop and dust. We spent the first night alone. I awoke when the sun was still under the horizon. I went down stairs to make coffee. By the time coffee was ready, Phil was in his boat and ready to tie up. So the three of us sat around drinking coffee and chatting. By noon, Rusty and Carol were at the dock. Phil and I motored over to pick them up. Later in the day Linda and Tom got to the dock. It wasn't until sundown that Sandy, Nikki and Carolyn arrived at the dock. It was almost a full house. Kaylyn wasn't due until Sunday afternoon.

We all shared the housekeeping duties. I often cooked dinner. One night we had Kinder's Ball Tip from Costco. Another night we had tri-tip and chicken. When Kaylyn came up, we asked her to bring stuff for Carol's biscuits and gravy. So one morning we had delicious biscuits and gravy made with one of Phil's pigs.

On Monday morning, we dropped off Linda and Tom and went back to help close the houseboat. We took Rusty and Carol back with us to the dock. We are getting better at retrieving the boat. With only one take, Michelle parked the boat on the trailer and I winched it tight. After driving to Snelling, we pulled in to get gas. That is when I noticed I had a flat on the trailer. I never fixed the spare, so we had a questionable spare and no way to fix the flat tire. We drove into Turlock and had the flat fixed at Walmart. The spray-in flat fixer just leaked out of a large hole. I will need to find a tire dealer that handles ST215 75/14 trailer tires.

It has been recommended that I switch from the biased ply Carlisle tires (ST215 75D14) to Goodyear radial tires (ST215 75R14) for better wear and fuel economy.

Bruce's/Howard Tire Co.
2420 Prune Ave.
Fremont, CA
510 651-4701
~$520 for four tires mounted and replaced

Hercules rubber Co.
33375 Central Ave
Union city, CA
510 489-0494

Les Schwab Tires
(510) 796-1985
36761 Fremont Blvd
Fremont, CA 94536-3631

Big O Tires
FREMONT, CA 94536-6034

Stevenson Tire Service
4343 Peralta Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94536

Wheel Works
35382 Newark Blvd
Newark, CA 94560-1224
(510) 797-9800

Wheel Works
40975 Albrae Street
Fremont, CA 94538-2486
(510) 659-8100
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