Suasage and Suds Festival

Posted on October 04, 2009 by Stephen

On Sunday in San Leandro there was the annual Sausage and Suds Festival. The festival featured the local fire department (Alameda County) and the police department. They were handing out hats to the young kids. The "Biergarten" was set up in the Englander's parking lot. The first stop was the ID check table where I got a nice wrist band that identified me as legal to drink. Next up was the glass and ticket counter where for $20 I received a pint glass marked with the year's logos and three drink tickets. There was a wine table and of course a long line of beers on tap.

Sausage and Suds
The list of beers was rather long, but one notable beer-type that was missing was true German beers. The closest beer to european beers was Trumer Pils brewed by license from Trumer Austria in Berkeley.

At one end of the street was a stage that featured some wild talent. The first band to play was the Spazmatics. The Spazmatics were a really fun 80's punk cover band.

After we had a few beers (enough to make me light-headed), we went back to our friends house so their daughter could nap. We had a few more beers and some much needed water. Those of us without kids, went into the Oakland hills for dinner. We ate one of the best Chicago-style pizzas I have ever had. The place for a good deep-dish pizza is ZACHARY'S OAKLAND at 5801 College Ave. Oakland CA 94618
Phone: (510) 655-6385
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