Boating with Mom and Dad

Posted on October 23, 2009 by Stephen

My parents had not been out on our boat yet. My parents came for a visit on Wednesday through Sunday and Friday turned out to be a really nice day for boating. We wanted to take the boat to Lake Tahoe this past summer so we could give my parents a ride, but we figured we had better not take the boat because the wedding and all of the preparations would leave no time for boating.

No one in my family has ever been boating on the California Delta, so this was going to be a real treat for mom and dad. The Thursday before we left, I had to get a new wheel for the spare tire I had bought when we had the flat. Now I travel with two spares for my two axle trailer.

We didn't rush out of the house on Friday, we took our time and had breakfast and relaxed before heading to the boat. Once we were underway, I remembered that I didn't know the way to Orwood as well as I should. We still made it once I recognized the surrounding area. Once we got to the prep area, Michelle, mom and dad packed the boat while I went to pay for our launch fee. All three of them stayed in the boat while I backed them into the water. Michelle took the boat out for a spin while I parked the truck. There were more boats that I figured there would be, but I still got to park in the first parking lot.

We spent about 4 or 5 hours on the delta. We cruised past Discovery Bay and headed to Woodward Canal. We drove by Ski Beach and headed south on Middle River to Union Point for lunch. When we got to Union Point, they were closed. We let a guy who was fishing use our cell phone to cancel his phone conference. I guess working from "home" means anywhere you can call-in from.

After Union Point we headed back to Orwood by traveling along Victoria Canal and then heading north on Old River. Once we got into Indian Slough we cruised through Discovery Bay and then on to Orwood for a late lunch.

The "fun" really began when mom and dad helped clean the boat back at the storage facility.
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