Almost Boating Season 2010

Posted on April 16, 2010 by Stephen

Well, it is Friday and I am at work dreaming about Lake McClure and the California Delta. This weekend my wife and I will get the boat prep'ed for the coming weekends. I had service done to the outdrive and engine last December. The wheel bearings were re-greased and the trailer breaking system had fluid added. Now I need to work on getting new radial tires for the trailer--the original bias-ply tires are wearing out already after 2 years.

To prep the boat, we will be vacuuming the winter cover and spraying off some of the collected grime that has accumulated over the last 5 months. We will probably remove the snap-covers and clean them along with the boat's exterior. I need to get some fuel stabilizer and dry-fuel additive and add those to the first fill-up of the season.

I tried to call Lake McClure to find out how high the water level has risen, but there was no answer. The lake can hold an elevation of 867 feet above sea-level, but for the past few years the lake was down under 600 feet. Five, maybe six, years ago the lake was at its highest, which made for very good houseboating and wakeboarding. The height of the lake increased the amount of ski-able area nearly exponentially and allowed for some great places to park the houseboat.
Actually, we didn't make it out to clean the boat covers due to a big day planting in the backyard. With rain expected in two days, it would not have been worth the effort to clean the boat.
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