Fourth of July 2010

Posted on July 06, 2010 by quashnsa

We took Friday off from work and headed to my in-law's house on Thursday night. We had left the boat there for the past week so traveling with all of the loonies wasn't too bad. This weekend was going to be a small family reunion for my wife. Two of her aunts and uncles, cousins, her sister, brother-in-law and niece would be joining the group on Friday night. Thursday night and Friday were nice and relaxing. We put the boat into the water Friday morning and had a place on the dock to tie up. The lake was going to be very busy this weekend. The lake was already busy on Friday morning, but it was only going to get worse.
We didn't take the boat out on Friday for fear of loosing our spot on the dock. Plus we were helping to clean the house for all of the company that would arrive soon. We took a break around mid-day to jump in the pool. Robin and Mark were the first at the Gate followed quickly by Carol and Rusty. Mark brought Tom a Bar BQ, which we had to unload. Damn! That thing was heavy and we had to climb steps with it.

Phil, Sandy, Nikki and Carolyn came up on Saturday. With nearly everyone there, Michelle took a group our on the boat while I stayed on shore to get the truck to pull the boat out of the water at the end of the ride. Nikki and Carolyn were on the jetski at the beginning of the trip, but Robin and Carol got on it later. Robin and Carol were pulled over by the sheriff because they were going too fast in the 5 MPH zone. Tom and I stood out on the point to watch the boat traffic and wait for Michelle to return from the boat ride. While we were waiting a bright red speed boat was showing signs of trouble. The boat had too many people on board and I assume the drain plug wasn't in. The boat was nearly underwater out in the middle of the lake. They managed to get back to the dock where the boat sank. Only two feet of the bow was sticking out of the water. It took the sheriff's boat and three heavy-weight float bags to get the boat to the ramp. Once the boat was on the trailer the Escalade couldn't pull it out of the water. Thankfully one of the county firetrucks was there to pull the boat/truck combo out of the water.

Carol and Robin came back to the launch ramp first. They were being silly and toppled the jetski while making a slow turn. I had to swim out after the jetski to keep it from being washed onto the rocky shore.

Collette, Gene and Maggie made it up to the house in the late afternoon. Michelle had bought Maggie a PFD in case we were able to get her on the boat for a ride. We were able to Linda, Gene, Collette and Maggie on the boat for a ride on Sunday. We decided to take Maggie outside of the 5 MPH zone and into rough water first and use the smooth 5 MPH water as a backup if she didn't like the boat ride. To our surprise she enjoyed riding over the wakes more than the smooth water. She clapped her hands when we hit big wakes. We have another "boat babe" in the family!

The launch ramp was shutdown on Sunday night so that all of the home owners could light their fireworks in the same place. The HOA provided bucket of water and trashcans for spent fireworks.
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