Boating Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay

Posted on August 07, 2010 by quashnsa

I finally took my dad for a ride to Emerald Bay. When I was younger, I promised to give him a ride to Emerald Bay when I bought a boat. I traveled by myself with the boat for the first time. I was nervous about launching since my boat buddy was not with me--she had to work. There was a mandatory boat inspection that I drove back to Meyers. The cost is based on boat length and horsepower. For a three day pass, it cost me $55 for my 320hp boat. While I was driving back to Meyers for my boat inspection, I had to stop at the inspection station leaving South Lake Tahoe. I was informed there that a fine of $350 could be issued if a boater was caught traveling with the drain plug still fastened to the boat. I have never traveled with the drain plug in, so I was free to go.
There were two public launch ramps open during my trip: Tahoe Keys Marina and Lakeshore. A round trip launch at Tahoe Keys was $35 plus $25 to park the trailer, while at Lakeshore it was $40 to launch. Tahoe Keys was the better place since my mom tipped one of the boat ramp guys $5 to back me down into the water. I had never taken the boat off of the trailer before, but I did a good job. Once everyone was on-board (mom, dad and Sue [a neighbor]) and the truck parked, we started out trip to Emerald Bay around 9:00am. This was my first boating experience with waterway markings. I followed the "Green Going Out/Red Right Returning" mnemonic. The water was beautiful. There were waterway markings entering Emerald Bay--"Red Right Returning" to enter the bay. We cruised around the bay and had a few snacks while snapping photos of the gorgeous surroundings.

After an hour, we left the bay and headed to Camp Richardson for lunch and fuel. Mom, Dad and Sue got a big kick out of "docking" for lunch. We tied up to the pier and walked into the Beacon. Sue bought the first round of drinks--Rum Runners Yum! After lunch we headed back out to Rubicon point. The water was much rougher by noon. We pulled back into Tahoe Keys Marine around 2:00. With help from the guys at the ramp, I was able to put the boat back on the trailer.
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