2012 Spring Jack's Camp

Posted on April 02, 2012 by quashnsa

I just got back from another great weekend with friends and family at Jack's Camp (a part of the We Can Northern California Pediatric Brain Tumor Network supported by the Taylor Family Foundation). It was really great to see familiar faces and meet a few new families. As always, I go for selfish reasons--the kids may not know it, but they help me be a better person by showing me how they cope with life and how they share their love and support.

Friday (3/30):
I left from work and drove to Camp Arroyo for camp. Once I arrived, I saw familiar faces, Cierra and her family. I was meeting a new volunteer. Bahram is the brother of a co-worker and a BT survivor. I met up with him at camp and pointed him to the people in charge (Mike).

After dinner, we had a camp fire with skits. I was part of the invisible bench skit. Many kids got up on the small stage and told "ghost" stories or jokes. The fire was not very cooperative and didn't really start burning until the s'mores were nearly finished.

Saturday (3/31):
After breakfast we played a "get to know me" game where a single person stood inside the circle of campers and ask, "I'd like to meet all the people who are ... ('left handed', 'wearing hats', etc.)" People who fit the description walked into the middle and did a little hand-jive greeting as a group and turn to the other left in the circle and did the same thing.

We broke into our group workshops after that. I was working with Tara and the older kids (patients) again. I really like this group, we spent time getting to know the new members and building crafts.

Lunch and break time were filled with therapy dogs, hiking, karaoke, and other fun activities--playing cards is a huge hit.

Our second workshop was combined with the young kids (patients). There was some very good role-modelling by the older kids for the younger ones.

Sunday (4/1):
After breakfast, we headed back for our final group session. I am really excited to get the results from the last activity. We built envelopes from old calendar pictures and put a note inside to ourselves. We also traced our hand on construction paper and let the group write things about us in secret. When the mail arrives, I can't wait to see what kind of funny stuff the kids wrote about me.
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