Spring 2013 Jack's Camp Recap

Posted on March 25, 2013 by quashnsa

Well, another spring's Jack's Camp has come and gone. There were a total of 16 family in attendance for this wonderful camp. Of the 16 families, 4 were "new". There were some truly new family who were introduced to the "welcoming influence" that everyone shares at camp. Two families were newish, one hadn't been to camp for 3 years, but they came back and had fun.

I am back at work today and thinking again about my priorities. There were some missing campers who will hopefully be back for more camps. Work is going to be moved down the priority list and life has been moved up the list.
The older kids group, lead by Tara, had many of the same kids with the noted exception of Kate and her family. Her brother had bad results from his leukemia test and could not come to camp. We were all reminded how close to the edge we live. Also, one of the younger kids, Vincent, could not make it. His last MRI was not good. I missed his presence and his awesome headware.

On Saturday, in the morning session we made the human-knot and had to problem solve together as a team, followed by "physical pictionary". In the afternoon, our group meet up with the younger kids in the garden to make salsa, pick some garden ingredients and plant some seed in a pot to take home.

We had a "We Can Do Anything" talent show put on by the campers and their families. Following the show, the dance party started with the song Dum-Dum Style (Gangnam Style).
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