Five YEARS! Fuck You, Cancer!

Posted on January 22, 2014 by quashnsa

I will never be completely out-of-the-woods, but this is a great day. Five years ago, I went into surgery for a second time (the first occurred back on the 15th). My face was peeled down from an incision made just behind my hair line. By pulling my forehead away from my face, my skull was exposed for a crainiotomy. Just to the right and behind my right eye a large hole was made through my skull so the doctor could separate my temporal lobe from my frontal lobe to get at the remaining skull-base chondrosarcoma that was pressing into my brain stem and crushing my pituitary. After 10 hours, I was wheeled out into ICU and kept in a coma for 24 hours.
After all that has happened to me, some people may be thankful to their god(s). Not me, I am thankful for science, logic, and the vast wonder of human power and ingenuity. If there is a god or gods and it was his/her/their plan for me to die from a brain tumor, fuck you! If a god or gods exist, humans/science/logic/ingenuity/I have beat you! No mysticism, no religion, nothing supernatural, nothing out side of this universe gave me any help.

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