Musing on Religion

Posted on August 11, 2014 by quashnsa

god creates everything, including satan and all of the other angels.

god is impotent to contain satan. nor can he defeat satan. two opposite poles that are equal in strength (that sounds a lot like natural order).

god creates adam and eve, no religion created.

adam and eve kicked out of eden after knowledge is obtained and original sin began.

adam and eve still dont create a religion from god to get back into eden, probably mad at being kicked out. no books of religion, nor eye witness accounts recorded of eden.

many generations go by, thousands of years pass, everyone able to trace ancestry back to adam and eve, yet no one creates a specific religion to god

out of one pair of people, all races, colors, and eventually all religions will come.

no interaction from god until, some random guy named abraham is spoken to by god (assuming it is the same god)

abraham told by god to sleep with maid--ishmael is born

abaraham back to wife--isaac is born

abraham kicks ishmael and mother out into wasteland (out of eden)

ishmael becomes father of islam (creating hatred of the brother).

isaac becomes father of judaism (creating hatred of the brother).

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