2014 Fall Jack's Camp

Posted on September 23, 2014 by quashnsa

Another Jack's Camp has come and gone. It was very hard to maintain a happy, up-beat, and fun-loving exterior when I was reminded by the sights and sounds of camp that my friend Bahram was not at camp with me. We were the S'mores Slingers for the camper's campfire. We had our method down. We could sling s'mores almost as fast as the campers could eat them.

I was very happy to have some of the other volunteers there with me. Carrie and Renee were heartbroken to hear of Bahram's passing. We took comfort in each other, and spend some time remembering how much he influenced the campers. He was a family favorite, the kids liked him, and he was a great volunteer for anything needed at camp. We miss you, my friend.
This time at camp, I was working with the older kids group again. Tara had moved on to work with the older siblings, while Kelly and Eugenia handled the older kids. We had 6 new families at camp, plus one family that came back after 5 years of not coming. The older kids group had 3 new faces, Alex and Destiny were new to camp and Valerie move up from the young kids group. With the new faces in the group, we were able to share our experiences with brain tumors and the hopes and fears for our futures.

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