Testing for 1st Stripe White Belt

Posted on October 19, 2017 by quashnsa

There will be three threads to complete. I had a practice round today to prepare for the test.
Basic Body Lock Thread
Partner 1 - Jab, Cross, Hook
Partner 1 - Body Lock Knee Bump Takedown
Partner 1 - Knee on Belly Wrist Control

Partner 1 throws punches into body lock on p2, takedown p2, knee on belly with wrist control and scene assess 360.

Fight Back to the Feet Thread
Partner 1 - Blocking Shield to Body Lock
Partner 1 - Knee Bump Takedown
Partner 2 Self-Defense Guard Kicks
Partner 2 Stand in Base
Partner 2 Push Kick

Partner 2 attacks, partner 1 blocks into body lock and takedown of partner 2. Partner 2 on back squares with p1 and pushes p1 hips away, p1 comes back into p2, p2 goes foot on hip with elevated kick to head, p2 to stand in base, p2 prepares with a push kick when p1 re-engages

Aggressive Bad Guy Thread
Partner 1 Wrist Grab Escape
Partner 1 Push Kick
Partner 1 Jab, Cross, Hook to Body Lock Knee Bump Takedown
Partner 1 Knee on Belly to Mount
Partner 2 Mount escape From Punches
Partner 1 Self Defense Guard 1

p2 grabs p1 wrist, p1 double up on grabbed wrist and rips away (wrist grab escape). p1 push kicks and then p1 re-engages with strikes to body lock takedown. p1 knee on belly transition into full mount on p2. p2 breaks p1 posture, p2 control arm and leg into bridge and roll p1. p1 locks guard on p2, p1 breaks p2 posture, p1 using legs on p2 to frame off p2, hip escape, create space, kick to head from hands on ground, stand in base.

Wow, it was the largest class to test for belts in both the kids and adults classes. JT moved up to brown belt while displaying both jiu jistu and muay thai. I rolled with Brendan which made the test look rather good.
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