Jiu Jitsu Marathon Roll for Lunch

Posted on November 21, 2017 by quashnsa

There were 4 guys in class today with JT as instructor. Mondo [brown belt], Josh [blue belt], Matt? [purple belt], and myself [first stripe white]. It was a free roll at 75% intensity with simulated strikes.

Josh and I rolled quite a bit. At one point, Josh stood up to fight from feet. This worked for me. He tried a deashi harai, but I countered with tsubame gaeshi. That quick takedown is one of my favorites.

Mondo is as big as me with a lot of skill. He had me in full mount, so I applied my hands to his hips, bucked him over my knees into butterfly guard, but he was ready an countered with a nasty choke.

Matt has a lot of skill also, but because he is smaller, pushing his legs out of the way, or shrugging out of a triangle taught me to stay calm and figure out how to extricate myself.

Mondo's advice that helped a lot was to relax in a position, conserve air and energy.

Josh caught me in a Straight Footlock, and JT walked me through the way out. Press the foot down that is on my hip, lift my body and butt over and onto that foot.
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