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March 27, 1999
Diving with Tin and Cuong is great. I usually don't have to navigate if Cuong is coming. But, Cuong had to leave the water early so Tin and I had to navigate ourselves. This wasn't bad. We surfaced to get a heading, and descanded back down. At this point I lost Tin in the 5-6 foot vis. We had dropped down into a kelp bed and my mind was racing. I searched for a minute and surfaced. Tin didn't show up for a while. I was nearly panicing. This taugh me to descend feet first to maintain contact with my buddy.

Monastery (North Side)

March 06, 1999
This was going to be the test of my diving skills. At Monastery (Mortuary to those who know its power), people have died entering and exiting the dive site. The bottom profile is unique--a walk of only 4 step in ankle deep water will land you in water nearly 4 feet deep (the bottom drops off like a step on a stairway), this gives Monastery some serious surf break. That day was the calmest it has been in quite a while. We made our entry and swam to the north rocks near the underwater canyon. The descent would best be described as dropping into an aquarium. The life here was better than any place I had been. Due to the geography of the bottom, the life is diverse. I would vote this the best place to dive if the timing is right.