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Monastery (North Rocks) with Dave and Cuong

April 01, 2000
Cuong had to leave after the first dive, so Dave and I headed back out after a 2 hour surface interval. The surf had become more rough that the first dive, but not so bad that we needed to turn back. We set our max. depth to be 50-60 feet and planned to stay down for 30 minutes. I lead the dive in an "L" pattern. First a straight shot out from the beach, then a 90 degree turn north to the rocks. We descended down on the outside of the kelp bed and stayed on a northern heading along the canyon wall. We maintained a 50 foot depth. At the northern most rocks, I turned the dive around on a reciprocal course. When we ascended, the surf was quite big. Dave and I decided to exit with regs-in-mouth in case the surf tossed (rolled) us on the beach [which has been known to kill divers]. I got near shore and decided (a big mistake to change plans) to walk out with snorkle-in-mouth instead of crawl out with reg-in-mouth (a wiser and better plan). I was tossed by a big wave but was able to recover quickly and get my reg in to my mouth and crawl my way up the sand. I was schooled by the master surf. This dive lasted 36 minutes.

This was the first dive in a year with Cuong (Tin could not make it for this dive). Even though this was April Fool's Day, the joke was on everyone who didn't dive today. The sun was out, the surf was calm, and the visibility wasn't bad (35-40 feet). There were no large animals out today, must be mating season. Cuong lead the dive, he headed for deep water (the U/W canyon that our deep dive was in) but got cold quickly [must have been a slight thermocline at 45-50 feet]. We spent 15 minutes at 80 feet and spent the rest of our 40 minute dive nearer 45 feet. We saw many Nudibranch and starfish, some large (6") anemone, perch and kelp fish, and one lonely crab.