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Point Lobos State Reserve

March 31, 2001
Two dives today, the first lead by me, the second lead by Dave. We took a heading from the walk-in to the coal chute area. The kelp was thick today, so navigation was crucial. We did a surface swim to the edge of the kelp bed and made our descent. We followed our course closely and spent 22 minutes swimming toward coal chute. We found an old anchor and chain encrusted with coralline algae and other things. We turned back when Dave had 1300psi. I started back on a reciprocal course. We decided to surface when Dave had 800psi. When we came up, my navigation had lead us directly to the point-rocks and in the middle of the thick kelp. My navigation wasn't off too badly, but the distance we had covered underwater was far greater than I expected. We tried to kelp crawl out, but we were not making much progress. The tide was pushing us closer to the rocks, the impending-doom-soundtrack was getting pretty loud in the back of my head. So after accessing our situation, we decided to descend to 20 feet and get-the-hell-outta-there until Dave reached 300psi. Luckily, we swam fast with the tide and came up with about 500psi in Dave's tank. Of course the self-battery commenced starting with my apologies to David for getting us into that mess.

Dive two took us to the far side of the cove. This was going to be a straight out-and-back. Dave took the lead and got us over to the rocks on the far side. (MORE TO FOLLOW)