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Metridium Field / Breakwater

October 14, 2001
Two dives today. I chose this easy dive because I was trying out new scuba gear.

The sky and surf looked great; the sun was out and there was very little wind. When we parked, I asked a couple of divers where I could find Metridium Field. In true diver fashion (friendly), they explained that we could take the stairs down and enter on the left side of the beach taking a heading toward the reddish buoy. We suited up and headed down for our first experience with Metridium Field. We took a heading of 240° from the beach out to the buoy with a return heading of 60°. We got ready to enter the water (masks on, snorkel, fins in hand) and walked in to a gloomy looking ocean where we started our surface swim at 09:45. The visibility was awful (5 feet horizontal) from the entrance out to the 30 feet deep range at the edge of the kelp bed. We descended on the outside of the kelp bed feet first to maintain visual contact. We started out heading 240° into the kelp bed. After clearing one kelp bed at a depth of 38 feet, the horizontal vis increased to 15 feet. We stayed on heading and passed some interesting stuff on our way. We swam by some dying Mola mola (Ocean Sunfish) that were covered with sea stars. We finally made it all the way out to the Metridium Field where there were many Metridium anemone (Metridium giganteum).

We spent our 1 hour surface interval eating Pringles© and drinking Gatorade©. The second dive started from the right side of the beach closest to the breakwater. We swam out on the surface around the kelp bed following the sand channel at 11:30. Once we were outside of the kelp bed we took a heading of 255° (return 75°) for a simple out-and-back exploration. As we swam along our heading we passed more dying Mola mola. I was surprised to see a California Cone shell (Conus californicus). There were many sea pens and we saw one Dendronotis iris Nudibranch