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Last two ocean dives with an Open Water class as a DMC at Breakwater

April 02, 2006
I left home at 5:25am and got down to Breakwater at 6:30. I was an hour early--doh! The morning was beautiful. Partly cloudy and no wind left us with a smooth and quiet ocean. We were going to have good visibility.

Today we had two students and two Master Instructors (Ron and Bud). Each one took out a student so that all skills could be covered simultaniously. I worked with Ron and his student Angela. Bud worked with Daniel on his skills. As the students got suited up, Ron and I went out to set the float. Bud would bring the students out to the float while they performed their surface navigation skill. We set up the float in 20 feet of water. When Bud, Angela and Daniel arrived at the float, the students performed a free descent with reference (the tag line). At the bottom, they performed fin pivots and mask full flood and clear. They also performed underwater navigation (straight out and back from the tag line on a heading of 0). Finally, they performed buddy breathing stationary and ascending. Once at the surface, we all dropped back down for the underwater tour. Because the day was very calm, Ron lead Angela along the breakwater. On the tour, we saw a Loxorhynchus crispatus (Decorator Crab), many Parastichopus spp., many Cryptochiton stelleri (Gumboot Chiton), of course many Patiria miniata, a Syngnathus leptorhynchus (Pipefish), Cymatogaster aggregata (shiner surfperch), we also saw a Phalacrocorax pelagicus (Pelagic cormorant) underwater.

Dive two started after a debriefing during the surface interval (1:29 minutes). The students performed a descent without a reference, mask removal and replacement, and mid-water hovering. During the tour, we saw many of the same thing, but we also saw a Anisodoris nobilis, and Citharichthys sordidus. The first internship of two OW classes is now complete. I need to take 4 more written tests, intern on three more classes, and pass the physical skills tests.