Lover's Point (cove 3)

We did two dives on this day. We tried to dive Monastery, but when we arrived the waves were 4.5 to 5 feet tall [a bit too risky for Monastery]. We turned around and headed for Lover's Point. The day was overcast by the local fog which should have given us a clue that the day would not be great. When Dave and I arrived, there were three groups of scuba classes. This place is known to be very easy and draws the newbie crowd. Normally, we never run into other divers underwater, but we swam into a group (one actually bumped Dave) of three. There isn't much to see at this particular spot. We saw a couple of "tea saucer" size fish and a lot of small fish [identification not complete yet]. The kelp was a bit out of control. There were many occasions to get tangled, I'm glad I wear my knife! I will probably not dive here again.


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