Rescue Diver Class Scenario #8 (Scene Management and Lost Diver Search) at MacAbee

Two divers signaled for help about 110 yards offshore. We immediately donned our gear because, we could not talk them into shore, couldn't reach them with a pole, couldn't throw a ring or buoy to them, and we didn't have a boat or other watercraft available. By the time John and I hit the water, both divers had gone underwater. We swam with our heads up to the last place they were seen. We met John #2 and Susan out there and we decided to do criss-crossing U-turn searches. They would make their way perpendicular to shore and John and I would move parallel with shore moving deeper. Jonathan and Susan descended and started their search. John was having trouble descending with an AL80 tank so we were about to head back in when another search team surfaced nearby. John assisted with the surface BLS and I partnered up with another diver and we started our search. We came up from behind the victim and proceeded with the reaction-test. When the diver did not respond to mask taps, we started a rescue assent. On the surface, we started the rescue breaths and gear removal. Our victim became alert after a few rescue breaths. We swam in together while maintaining contact with the diver.


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